How to Make the Perfume Lasts Longer

by Izz A. 5 months ago in body

First step, just buy perfume or at least, Eau De Parfum. But all the money splurge just to have 50 ml to 100 ml bottle of scented alcohol must end up with an exchange that is also worthy enough, am I right? Sure, all those perfumer and beauty experts have repeatedly claimed that both types of perfumes above will lasts for each 24 hours and 8 hours. But I guess it won't hurt for us to take another safety steps, just to ensure that the perfume really, really lasts longer.

Well, there are a few secret steps that I always use to my skin before my finger presses the snuffer-cap.

1. Know where you should spray

There are some parts of your body that are worthy enough to be sprayed as spraying to these parts that will be mention will make your perfume lasts way longer than to just randomly spray it like you are in a Febreeze commercial. Which are;

  • a. Hair
  • b. Ears (as ticklish as it is, you have to do what you have to do)
  • c. Collar bone (I feel like having a wet collarbone will make it look more pop up and sharp, aside from making you look sexier. A little note, you might want to go for perfume with glitter)
  • d. Belly button (don't forget to clean it)
  • e. Wrist (This is the how to spray your perfume 101)
  • f. Side of your neck (you might want to target the spot where you can feel your pulse)
  • g. Behind your knees
  • h. Ankles (cause what makes a sophisticated lady is her perfume scented feet)

Bottom line, aim for any parts of your body where you can feel your pulse. This is because every time your pulse is palpating, it will also 'bloom' your perfume, which will make your perfume lasts way longer than spraying it all over.

2. Remember the ground rule by heart

Never, under any given circumstances should you be rubbing the perfume that you just sprayed. As the rubbing motion will cause a friction force, and the friction force will be resulting with a heat energy. And the heat will somehow change the way your perfume originally smell. Moreover, rubbing will make the oils in perfume mix with the natural oil on your skin, and can also change the smell of the fragrance you just splurge your money on. Tch, tch, talk about money waste. Instead, if you don't want to waste your fragrance by spraying a lot of it, you can just dab to make the work done.

3. Apply lotion to targeted body parts.

What I can say is that the thick density of the lotion really helps with making your fragrance lingers longer. And people have been doing this since, forever! But it's never too late to join the club, babe.

That's it for tonight guys! Hope you gain extra information and sweet dream with all the best!

Izz A.
Izz A.
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