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How to Keep Flawless Skin While on the Go This Festive Season

You’re travelling the world, celebrating the festivities, taking fabulous views and flavours from as many new countries as possible.

By Admin K Published 2 years ago 4 min read

Relaxing by the pool in luxury bikinis with a drink in hand. The last thing you need from this holiday is tight and dry skin causing discomfort.

While you might have your home routine planned meticulously, it is easy to let these habits slip when entering different time zones, environments, and exploring past your bedtime. From a missed skincare routine step to a completely different diet, travelling can wreak havoc on your skin.

Here, we will explore some ways to maintain good skin without the need for your extensive routine of moisturisers and more.


Vitamins are a great way to maintain good skin while travelling, especially if your diet will be changing regularly, so you might need vitamin capsules to offer supplements to your diet for the next few weeks. The most important vitamins for your skin are D, C, E and K.

Vitamins such as vitamin C are great for the hydration and appearance of your skin. And you can get these from either vitamin enriched fruits such as Guava (for vitamin C) or through pill or serum supplements. However, serums can sometimes be irritating for sensitive skin types. Finding a vitamin form which works for you before travelling is the best way of maintaining good skin no matter your travel. It is worth noting that when travelling, liquid vitamins will need to be calculated with your toiletries, limiting how much you can take, whereas the pill form can be taken in your hand luggage without limits.

And not only are vitamins good for your skin, but they can help protect your health while travelling. When exploring new continents, the last thing you want is an upset stomach or a running nose hindering your fun. You will be encountering new people, environments, and new germs. By taking vitamins, you can give your immune system that added boost it needs.

Embrace the local cuisines

Whilst travelling, you get the opportunity to explore a variety of cuisines, and these foods can actually help you maintain your perfect skin. In fact, the Mediterranean diet is known to help prevent acne. This is due to its reliance on fresh produce which can regulate the oil production in the skin, as well as stabilise hormones and reduce inflammation. The fatty fish and olive oil used in many Mediterranean recipes are perfect for soothing the skin. This diet also includes a reliance on nuts, including almonds, which boosts your magnesium intake and helps the skin produce hyaluronic acid. So, leave behind those bottles and instead opt for a change in diet, which allows you to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing.

Or if you are travelling to and around Asia, a heavily plant-based cuisine can also aid your skin. In fact, one of the main saving graces of Asian cuisine is the soybean-based food Tofu. Tofu is high in isoflavonoids which can help reduce the thinning of the skin as we get older – being beneficial in the long run. Whereas, in the first instance, the reliance on leafy greens, which are high in antioxidants, helps bring your skin back to bright and bouncy. These vegetables also have high levels of vitamin A, which helps reduce dry skin, vitamin C, which protects against sun damage, and vitamin E, which reduces inflammation.

And this means you don’t have to take anything specific with you on your travels, but instead, you can learn all about the local cuisine and culture while helping your skin look radiant.

Embrace the natural shine

Travelling, especially for extended periods of time, should be stress-free. So why not embrace the travelling light culture and leave your makeup at home instead, opting for a full skin detox during your holidays. Embrace the natural look and allow your skin to repair itself in the sun. Sunlight not only helps release serotonin, but it can also be useful for treating skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Moderate sun exposure can boost your vitamin D levels, which can help reduce the inflammation in your face. As well as helping your body produce melatonin, allowing you to sleep better at night, which has its own skin-helping benefits.

And by exposing your skin, you can reap the benefits your natural body has to offer your skin. In fact, sweat can even offer you anti-aging effects – you can reduce the likelihood of wrinkles by relaxing in the sun! Sweat can also help kill harmful bacteria on your skin’s surface. However, if sweat is trapped on the skin, as when you wear makeup or don’t wash the sweat off quickly enough, you can run the risk of irritating your pores.

Whether drinking more water while out in the sun, relaxing by the pool or trying new foods, keeping your skin looking and feeling its best while travelling doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Instead, leave the elaborate skincare routines behind and embrace your natural skin as you relax in the sun and reap the benefits other countries have to offer.


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