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How To Get Through A Tattoo Session

In this blog, we will look at tips to help you get through your tattoo session

By T.ArnoldPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Getting a tattoo is a growing trend, but with this pain is a prominent issue. Because of this, many individuals avoid getting a tattoo, as they believe their pain tolerance is significantly low.

However, you’d be delighted to hear that there’s tried and proven methods to reduce the pain of tattooing. For example, the degree of pain may be affected by:

The placement of tattoos on the body

The technique of the artist

Size and style of tattoos

The more complex a tattoo is, and the more complicated it is, the more painful it'll be. Although, it could be difficult to eliminate the discomfort, you can take these important actions to make the tattoo less painful:

Be Sober

Please do not make a decision on permanent body art while covered in sauce; you'll regret it later in the day. In addition, drinking alcohol can thin your blood, which means you'll lose more blood while you're tattooing. This can make you feel dizzy or even faint. It might seem as if drinking alcohol or being intoxicated is a simple way to reduce the discomfort. But, it's not a good idea, It can cause the tattoo to be more painful. Alcohol makes blood thinner, which causes more bleeding. Also, it can increase pain sensitivity and dehydrates your body.

Stay Hydrated

Water is among the most vital regulators within the body. It assists in fixing many issues, including helping with sugars, stopping dehydration, neutralising acidity, and soothing pain, many more. In addition, it shows that keeping your skin hydrated because of a healthy intake of water will reduce the pain of tattoos, as well as supported by research.

A study has found a connection between water therapies and the condition known as fibromyalgia. It's believed that water hydration for the skin may also ease discomfort in other situations, and tattooing may be anecdotally one of these. But, drink enough water that you'll need.

Eat Healthily

There are people who "carb-up" before running a marathon, you know? It's important to eat a lot before your tattoo session. The more food in your stomach, the stronger you'll have to take the discomfort. You'll lose calories when you get a tattoo as your metabolism speed up when you're stressed. Carb loading is a fantastic method to ensure that you can power through your appointment.

Take A Few Pain Relievers

Many tattoo experts and doctors are divided about what type of medicine is best and what kind of medicine you should consider in order to have your body tattooed. Some doctors suggest that they should not be taken as it could cause further discomfort, while others suggest that certain drugs are safe.

The majority of doctors recommend that you take Tylenol as well as Paracetamol is the best method to ensure that you are in the right place for your brand new tattoo. It's advisable to drink it at least 30 mins before going to your tattooing session.

Bring Headphones

If something bothers you or you're excessively enthusiastic about things, your hormones are in a state of overdrive and can make you feel more annoyed with certain aspects. Although bringing headphones and listening to music isn't going to help ease the pain. It's sure to help you relax with music and let artists concentrate without you affecting their method of work.

Get Recommendations For Skin Numbing Creams

If you get a tattoo, the pain is often unbearable. This is due to the needle's ability to penetrate the body, as we mentioned previously. But not all is lost, A Tattoo Numbing Cream can function by numbing the skin, allowing an artist to create tattoos without causing any discomfort. A variety of creams are utilised widely in beauty salons to soothe the skin for a short time.

There are also foams, anesthetic gels, and sprays designed exclusively for tattoos. They could be a viable alternative for those who want to have tattooed in a peaceful location. However, their effectiveness and duration are limited, making them unsuitable for long-term sessions.

Take Breaks

At some point, no matter how attentive you are and how prepared you are, eventually, you'll come to a point at which the pain becomes too intense. It's tempting to attempt to push through the pain, but it's more sensible to take a brief break, especially in lengthy sessions. A break allows your body time to recuperate and also allows you to replenish your glycogen stores by eating a meal.

Also, it provides your artist with time to rest, allowing them to restore their focus and concentration. Be sure to keep breaks from being too long or frequent because your skin may begin to shrink when inactive, which makes the process difficult afterward.

Wear Loose Clothes

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes that aren't too snug against the face. Make sure to stay clear of any extra clothes and opt for loose and thin clothes. This ensures you're more comfortable, and your newly tattooed areas are left open. The clothes you choose to wear are determined by the area you want to tattoo. For example, shorts could be appropriate for receiving a thigh tattoo.

Remain Still

Any movement during getting tattooed can affect your tattooist's job. It is recommended to be still and refrain from any movement. Any activity that is too intense can hinder the artist's work and extend the duration of the workshop, which can cause more suffering. Being still is a great canvas for the artist to finish the sketch.


The management of pain and its effects on you is a fundamental part of an experience with tattoos. Everyone will have their ways of dealing with pain, and the experience you have will be unique to you. It is important to speak with your tattoo artist during the process since they'll provide plenty of tips on minimizing the pain caused by tattoos.


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