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How to do a french braid

by juhi kanojia 4 months ago in hair

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There are so many hairstyles options for girls to try.Wether its office party birthday,or any other special or casual ocassion we girls cant go without a good hairstyle hence for this,we search out several platforms to find a perfect hairstyle for us that will suit our outfit and the ocassion too.

French braid can go with every outfit and ocassion.its seems beautiful and give eleganrt as well as messy look.there so many peeps around who knows how to do french braid but for those who cant do this braid on thier own ,i have come up with self tutorial for french braid.without any further delay lets get started.

Preparing to French Braid

Before you take a seat down your baby down to begin braiding, it allows to have your materials geared up to pass. Take a couple of minutes to seize the following:

Rubber bands

A comb or brush

Hair clip (Optional)

Hairspray (Optional)

Bobby pins (Optional)

Once you've got got your materials geared up, it’s time to prep your baby’s hair. Be positive to brush any tangles out in order that it's miles less difficult to braid. If you’re handiest finishing one braid on your baby’s hair, you could brush their hair returned and farfar from the forehead. If you’re making plans on French braiding into pigtails, pass in advance and element your baby’s hair and stable one phase to the aspect with a hair clip.

Braiding Supplies

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How to Make a Single French Braid

Gather 3 small sections of hair wherein you need to start the braid. These sections of hair need to be same in length.

Cross the proper phase of hair over the center phase in order that the proper is now the center piece of hair. Then, go the left phase over the center, making the left the brand new center piece of hair.

Next, at the left-hand aspect acquire a small piece of hair and upload it to the left-hand phase on your hand. Cross that over the center strand after which repeat this system at the proper-hand aspect.

Continue repeating step 3 till you attain the nape of the neck. You can both stable the braid with a rubber band at this point, or you could preserve with a regular, 3-strand braid down the period of your baby’s hair earlier than securing it with the rubber band.

Types of french braid-

there are so many ways to do french braid you can tie your wih hair do and then in french braid from the front.Another way is to tie hairs in pony and give french look from top.

How to Make French Braid Pigtails

After parting your baby’s hair and securing one aspect with a hair clip, take the alternative aspect and acquire 3 small sections of hair of same length close to the crown of the head.

Follow steps 2-four for the unmarried French braid.

Next, unclip the alternative aspect and make your French braid, following steps 2-four for the unmarried French braid.

The Finishing Touches

Make it Look Tidy

If you continue to have a few flyaways or layers which can be protruding of the French braid, clutch your hairspray and bobby pins. Use a mild spritz of hairspray on any flyaways (make certain to keep away from getting hairspray on your baby’s eyes). Use the bobby pins to stable any free layers or portions protruding of the braid.

Give Your French Braids an Extra Touch

If you need to present your baby’s French braids a further unique look, tie ribbons at the lowest over the rubber bands, or clip in a favourite hairbow to finish the look.

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