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How To be Naturally Beautiful in a Chemically Skin Damaging World

Tips for healthy chemical free skin! Courtesy of Levoo Beauty!

By Lebo HouseVocalistPublished 7 years ago 5 min read
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Monday morning in a 2 bedroom apartment in Leeds and it is slap bang in the middle of one of the coldest winters the United Kingdom has faced in over 80 years. I wake from the the peacefulness of my dreams, where I was probably re-enacting my earlier years in the Mother-land. Where I would run around with no care in the world, as the glow and warmth of the sun would slowly descend just over our shoulders. Out of the warmth of my dreams and in to a cloud of my own breaths condensation, I attempt to adjust to this new environment I found myself in.

The house is manic, there is a one in one out system formulating to use the toilet, the bathroom is occupied by my younger cousin/wannabe Brandy (the singer not the drink). She has a vegas esque residency going on in the bathroom and she is not getting complacent, nor is she letting anyone else in. I can hear cries from my mother as she tries to organise this chaos to the best of her ability however it is difficult to hear her commands with my dad playing the morning news at full blast, my baby brother crying for his bottle and my cousin putting in the show of her life.

Finally the bath is freed and I am clean with my stomach full, my mum sets out my clothes on the be, commands me to finish towel drying myself, as it should take me this long according to her, and she is right. However, I am procrastinating for what is about to come next.

I reluctantly finish with my towel, fold and place it on to the bed I then address my mum reluctantly, “I’m dry now” everything after this point then becomes theatrical. She rises from her knelt position, slowly turning towards the dresser as she ascends. I whimper and drop my head in disappointment as she reaches for the dressing tables draw.

She located her weapon of choice (well at the time that’s how I saw it) it’s a brownish 200ml tub with the face of a brown baby wrapped in a towel. My mother slowly unscrews the tub to remove the lid, I cross my fingers hoping the cold froze it shut or hoping the contents is empty. Unlucky for me the cold outside did not reach the dresser draw.

The tub is unscrewed and the lid is lifted, I am immediately hit with the scent of the much dreaded substance I quince my stomach turns and my toes crinkle up. My mum dips her two fingers in the tub, they re-emerge with a wad of the substance on her fingers. Shaped as a bond I look above and slowly watch as my mums fingers accompanied with a blob descend towards my face. I wish for anything to happen to disrupt this morning ritual, a car crash, a family feud a mini explosion anything! My wishes are not answered, my ancestors did not hear my call.

I close my eyes and bow my head in acceptance of my fate. Plop! And there it is the substance has met its target I am defeated, the devil had won I was going to have to carry that repulsive smell and laminating texture of this substance for the rest of the day. That substance being Shea butter :(

Due to these earlier experiences, I developed a strong dislike for all things Shea and all things butter. From the heavy oily smell of your conventional Shea butters which are quite repulsive, being someone with already naturally oily skin Shea butter has been something I have always had to avoid. Up until now!

Thanks to the skills and expertise of Thullz cosmetics, I and many others who have suffered those frightful mornings in our childhood, where we contemplate all sorts to avoid the Shea butter treatment. In a nut shell (no pun intended) the crazy scientists (I say that in the nicest way possible) at Thullz cosmetics have heard our cries, finally we can all happily enjoy the benefits of this Golden substance without the fear of smelling like we are fresh from the west of Africa, or look like a freshly laminated cadaver.

Thullz cosmetics is an independently run cosmetics business, headed by actual scientists who have a passion for beauty and have created a Shea butter without all the typical smells, textures and memories. Here at Levoo, we are all about sporting and supporting similar skin care companies which have the same ideals as us. Thullz Shea butter is chemical free, naturally handmade, with expert care put into each tub, filled with organic and skin nourishing ingredients.

As a sufferer of dry skin conditions herself, the creator and founder of Thullz Cosmetics, put her passion, her certified knowledge and her real life personal experience with skin care struggles into creating products the she herself is proud and confident to use. This is why we were so excited to team up with the team over at Thullz and bring her original unique products to you to try!

Thullz has created products that she knows personally, from a personal and from an educated stand point will ease and take care of skin problems that those who suffer from feel left out and like a minority when they step into high street shops. With products on the stands that are either too expensive, lack any kind of fun or are just not producing the results they claim they will on the tin.

Thullz Shea Butter provides a personal touch naturally handmade, full of organic goodness and is genuinely good to skin. With their products you can be 100% sure that you are receiving expert and personal care.

In support of all things good to skin, we are exclusively featuring the Thullz Cosmetics Shea Skin-Butter at Levoo Beauty. And we are proud to announce we are the only suppliers of this unique, creamy and moisturising body butter. Ingredients are brought from all the world to create this tub of goodness. The organic, fatty acids from the Gambian Shea nuts, sweet almonds and tropical Caribbean coconuts in the cream quench dry skin and provide it with up to 48 hours of hydration. The pure oils from the avocados and olives penetrate deep within the skin layers and keep the skin fully moisturised.

The 72-hour preparation methods used by Thullz Cosmetics make this Shea Skin-Butter smooth and easy to apply on Skin. The extra time and care applied into producing each tub guarantees that the butter soaks into your skin. This is not your typical, tough, hard gritty Shea butter. This is smooth, luxurious and rich Thullz Cosmetics Skin Shea-Butter. Not to mention, it smells GREAT!!

Thullz Shea Skin-Butter is suitable for all Skin types but extra perfect for dry skin conditions such as Contact Dermatitis, Eczema and even Psoriasis.

Head to LEVOO.CO.UK to see more on Thullz Cosmetics and other great Natural Skin Care Products!!


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