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How is Hair Transplant Better Than Hair Wig?

by Andrew Martin 2 months ago in hair

How is Hair Transplant Better Than Hair Wig? Get the details!

The hair loss cases are increasing day by day. Presently, hair loss is more common in males as in females. Earlier usually hair loss is faced by the people in their 40s. But now young people also faces hair loss. Thus, finding the right treatment has become very important.

There are many treatment options one could choose for hair loss treatment. But it is important to know which is successful in treating hair loss for lifetime.

Here is the detailed information about the hair wigs and hair transplant. These options are the most commonly chosen ways by the people to cure hair loss. There are ways by which we can hide or cure the baldness.

Hair wigs: This is a commonly chosen ways to hide the baldness. The hair wigs are widely available at shops these days. This is the temporary way of dealing with baldness. The hair wigs are chosen based on the color match of the hair by people.

The hair wigs need high maintenance. It needs to be replaced within few months with the new one. This is the reason that people do not prefer it for long term.

Advantages of hair wigs

1. They are non-invasive

2. They are affordable

3. You can get immediate results

Disadvantages of hair wigs

1. The results are temporary

2. The hair wigs look unnatural

3. They need high maintenance

4. Frequent replacements are necessary

Hair patch

Hair patch is another way of hair wigs used by the people. This is a customised form of hair wigs prepared by the professionals. The hair patch cover the bald area as needed by the patient. In hair patch, a skin like artificial material is used to form the base. The artificial hair is inserted into this sheet. The colour of the sheet is matched with the skin colour. The hair also is matched with the natural hair. This way you can get better looking hair patch. The quality depends on the type of material used to make the sheet and the type of hair used. This hair patch can be worn at night also as the skin can breathe through. It can also be worn during general activities like swimming or in the gym.

This hair patch needs high maintenance. It also needs frequent replacements every few months or maximum a year. The replacements depend on the type of material used. Thus, they are temporary means that could hide the hair loss.


1. They are non-invasive

2. They are economical

3. They give immediate results


1. People can recognize you are wearing a patch

2. It is temporary

3. It needs high maintenance and replacements

4. Unnatural results

Hair transplant

Hair transplant is chosen by people who look for permanent hair loss solution. This procedure can cover the bad area on the scalp or the face.

The basic procedure of hair transplant is taking out the hair roots from the donor area and then planting them to the bald area. The hair roots are picked based on their permanent nature. The permanent hair roots are present in specific sites of your body. The common donor sites are back and sides of the head, chest, axilla, beard etc.

These hair roots when planted at the bald area gives good hair growth and natural looks. The whole procedure takes around 4 – 9 hours. This time for the surgery depends on the need of the hair roots and the method chosen to perform hair transplant.

FUT and FUE are the two ways to perform hair transplant. These options of methods are chosen based on the situation of hair loss.

Advantages of hair transplant

1. Permanent results: The hair transplant procedure gives permanent results. But the hair wigs are temporary.

2. Low maintenance: The planted hair after hair transplant do not need maintenance or replacements. But the hair wigs need high maintenance. They also need to be replaced.

3. Natural looks: The hair transplant results look very natural. The results of hair transplant depend on the skills of the surgeon. Hair wigs do not give natural looks. People can easily recognize you are wearing something.

4. Maximum hair growth: With hair transplant you can expect good hair growth. If the donor area has sufficient hair roots, then the procedure could give best results.

Medispa clinic for hair transplant in Delhi and Jaipur is the best place to get the permanent hair loss treatment. The hair transplant cost in Delhi has gone down due to the competition among the clinics. Medispa hair transplant clinic provide the affordable and high quality hair loss treatment. We have served more than 5000 hair loss patients in over 15 years. Our happy patients are proof of our success.

Book your appointment today for the best hair transplant at medispa hair transplant clinic in Jaipur and Delhi.


Andrew Martin

Medispa is the best hair transplant center in Jaipur, India headed by Dr. Suneet Soni. He is a renowned hair transplant surgeon and has done more than 4000 successful Hair Transplant.

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