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How do men take care of their bodies every day?

Stop overdrafting your life, take it seriously

By DerasomPublished about a year ago 4 min read

As a male member, I would like to share my views:

If you are an adult, or even over the age of 30, you feel that daily maintenance has something to do with you. Don’t think that boys don’t need maintenance. Men will also age and their functions will decline. If you don’t take care of them, teenagers will also Become a rough greasy uncle.

1. Diet maintenance:

1. Eat more alkaline foods, such as chestnuts, almonds, and fruits. Alkaline foods can alkalize blood and urine, remove garbage in the blood, expel acidic substances from the body, relieve fatigue, enhance physical strength, prevent fat deposition on blood vessel walls, and protect blood vessels. Eat some alkali every day. Sexual substances can prevent cardiovascular disease. Ventilated boys are also very suitable for eating alkaline foods.

2. Eat more black foods (black beans, black rice, fungus, etc.), seafood (oysters, oysters, shrimp), nuts (pistachios, walnuts, pine nuts, etc.), leeks, mutton, all have a good effect on male health .

3. Eat less fatty and fried foods. With the increase of age, after the age of 35, the physical function begins to decline. Everyone is at work and lack of exercise, and they will begin to age and gain weight. At this time, we must start Control your diet and reduce your fat and oil intake.

4. Learn to nourish and protect the liver. After graduating from university, you will basically enter the peak period of the liquor bureau, which may last for 10-20 years. The liver problems have gradually become younger, and boys can drink alcohol, but they must start Control the amount and frequency of drinking, reduce alcohol intake, and protect the liver in advance

2. Living and maintenance:

1. Go to bed early and get up early, this is a permanent topic. After the age of 30, stop playing games and working overtime all night. Every time you stay up all night, you may reduce your life expectancy by a few hours or accelerate your aging by a few hours, and your overall mental state will also be very poor. ;

2. Clean the home frequently. Boys are especially lazy, especially male compatriots who live alone. If your mental state is not good, it is not only related to your mood and sleep, but also to your living environment. When you start cleaning your home every day, you will find that your physical activity has increased, your body cells and muscle tissues are more active, the room is clean, and your mood will be particularly comfortable. When you're done cleaning, it's also very pleasant to make a pot of tea, sit down and play games and read a book. Your room is clean, and it will also add a lot of goodwill to your girlfriend or lover, get a hug or a kiss.

3. Do what a man should do. Intercourse can improve the physical condition of men and women in an all-round way. Everyone should have read the relevant knowledge and interpretation. One intercourse is comparable to the benefits of several hours of exercise. Please cherish your girlfriend or lover. If you are single, find a girlfriend as soon as possible. It is recommended to do several sets of squats every day, 50-100 times, which is very good for the body.

4. Try to get up early. On the same day and 24 hours, people who get up early will be in better condition and more efficient. For most people, getting up early for work and studying is more effective than staying up late at night. If you are in the stage of studying, preparing for exams, and personal improvement, it is recommended that you put your tasks in the morning to do them, and there will be good results.

3. Work and mentality:

1. You must have a job, it can be your own business, or you can work for the platform. In short, don't let yourself idle, you will not feel happy when you are idle, but it will be very boring and more tired physically and mentally. We are all young people, and before it’s time to lie down, in fact, for many people with relatively unstressed wealth, they are also very busy, but they pay more attention to pursuing what they want to do.

2. The platform is greater than the individual ability. Don't overestimate yourself, I have made mistakes when I was changing my job. I thought I was very capable, and I could do well if I changed careers in time. However, in the process of actual work adjustment, I found that I really responded to the saying "change job for half a year and change career for three years", and when you came to a new field, you found that some of your original models and so-called resources, and It will not help you directly, even in terms of resources, when you leave the previous platform, it will automatically expire. It's not that you make the platform, it's more that the platform makes you. You must learn to use the platform to obtain resources, and you must also introspect and be grateful for the opportunity the platform has given you.

3. High-profile work and low-key life. In fact, other than family members and friends, other people are not very happy to see you doing well. In work, we should not only grasp the development opportunities at all times, but also pay attention to the maintenance of personal connections and team harmony, and strive to be the best in the project, actively strive for it, and do not evade or blame. Keep a low profile after the fact and be thankful.


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