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How Do Hand Fillers Work?

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How Do Hand Fillers Work?

Hands are one of the most visible and sensitive parts of the body after the face and neck. They are highly prone to developing and showing aging signs. Unfortunately, not much attention has been given to hand rejuvenation as compared to facial rejuvenation. There are a variety of treatments for face but when it comes to hands, the options are limited. However, things are changing now as The Food and Drug Administration has approved certain injectable fillers for hand rejuvenation. Such fillers are also known as hand fillers.

Hand fillers are used to improve the appearance of hands and eliminate the signs of aging. If your hands have started developing protruding veins, wrinkles and loose skin, opt for hand fillers. But before undergoing the filler treatment, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the treatment. You should know what is involved in the procedure and how it works. Similarly, what type of fillers are used in the treatment?

Therefore, in this article, we will answer all these questions in detail so that you can understand the procedure.

What are hand fillers?

Hand fillers in Dubai are a type of dermal fillers that contain a gel consisting of substances that are naturally present in the body. These fillers are injected into the back of the hands to replace the lost tissues and reverse the signs of aging. Currently, only two types of hand fillers have been approved by the FDA which include Radiesse and Restylane Lyft. Also, it is necessary to get the fillers injected by an expert to ensure safety. It is because improper placement can cause complications like necrosis or blockage in the blood supply to tissues.

What are the types of hand fillers?

As mentioned above, till now only two types of hand fillers have been approved for hand rejuvenation. These fillers include Radiesse and Restylane.

Radiesse Filler

It was the first filler approved by the FDA for hands and is used to restore the volume of aging hands. Radiesse filler is made up of calcium hydroxylapatite that is mostly found in bone and teeth. Apart from adding volume, it also hides the veins and tendons. Radiesse filler lasts for almost six months and is safe to use.

Restylane Filler

Previously, Restylane filler was used as a facial filler but recently it has been approved for hand rejuvenation as well. It is a safe and effective option for the restoration of lost volume on hands and offers natural-looking results. Restylane is a hyaluronic acid-based filler which is known to increase the thickness and elasticity of the skin in addition to volume restoration. The results of Restylane filler also last for almost 6 months.

How is the procedure performed?

Getting hand fillers is a non-invasive procedure that does not disrupt your daily activities. The procedure is quick and requires only an hour. First of all, a local anesthetic or a numbing cream is applied so that you don’t feel any discomfort. After that, the filler is injected superficially into the dermal skin of hands at multiple points. The procedure is virtually painless and helps in removing unsightly veins or aging signs. Some dermatologists use a combination of the procedure to rejuvenate the hands completely. For example, after using hand fillers, lasers can also be used to remove discoloration and even out the complexion of hands.

How long does it take to recover?

The recovery phase of hand fillers is very brief. You can return to your daily life activities within a few days. After the procedure, you might experience swelling. Therefore, you should avoid strenuous activities for almost 48 hours after the procedure because such activities can cause prolonged inflammation. Also, you might feel some bruising or swelling that takes almost a week or so to recover. You can use ice to treat swelling. Moreover, you should not use any supplements or medicines that can thin out your blood. To make your recovery smooth, your doctor might suggest massaging your hands because it prevents lump formation.


In short, you can now have firm and younger-looking skin on hands with no protruding veins by undergoing hand fillers. These dermal fillers have the ability to reverse all the signs of aging that appear on hands as your skin ages. The type of hand filler to be used can only be determined by an expert dermatologist in Dubai. Choose the skin specialist wisely and follow all the instructions provided by him if you want to get successful results.

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