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How Can You Protect Your Nails while Getting an Airbrush tan?

Using the methods given by the best tanning salon in the city will help you protect your nails while getting an airbrush tan.

By Ellie GarciaPublished about a year ago 4 min read

These days, fake tans are so realistic that nobody can ever find out that your bronzy glow is nothing but an airbrush tan from your favorite tanning salons. Airbrush tanning is formulated in such a way that it gives you a streak-free color that evens out your skin tone and covers any discoloration. It also adds that vibrancy to your skin and gets you that much-desired bronzy glow!

However, special care must be taken of your skin before your airbrush tanning appointment. If you fail to do so, it may leave unflattering traces of fake tan on your fingernails and toenails. In this article, we have mentioned a few ways on how you can protect your nails when getting an airbrush tan.

Does airbrush tan damage your nails?

For starters, it is important for you to find out the answer to this question - “Does airbrush tanning cause any damage to your nails?” The interaction of the spray tan with your nails depends on its condition. By that we mean if you have bare nails, nail polish on or you have any acrylics. When you talk about the “actual damage” airbrush tanning does not cause any problems with your nails like making them weaker or causing any concern in their structure or health, but it surely affects their appearance.

If you have any acrylics or nail polish on your nails, you cannot have any problem with the airbrush tan and it will not interfere with your nails at all. You may notice a little bit of bronzer on the polish, but that can be easily rubbed off with a makeup wipe or soap.

However, the spray tan will start having a problem with your nails if they are bare and do not have any coat of nail polish on them. When the bare nails are exposed to any product, in this case, the spray tan, they become vulnerable to discoloration because of the bronzer. Natural nails have an uneven and textured surface which allows the product to sit on their surface causing them to stain.

In airbrush tan formulas, a special ingredient named DHA that is responsible for the tan to stick to your skin as it causes a reaction with the cells. This DHA is then combined with various other bronzers and ingredients to make that formula. However, the DHA will not be causing any discoloration on your nails as it reacts only to the skin cells, but the bronzers used in the DHA may end up leaving a stain on your nails.

If your natural nails are damaged in any way, for example, if they are broken or have a lot of structure and support within the nails, you may face a higher chance of experience such a problem. This is because such nails make it easier for the spray tan to attach itself on.

How can you prevent airbrush tan from staining your nails?

You may want your skin to look tan and have that bronzy sun-kissed look. But, a dead giveaway that you have a fake tan on is from your feet and hands. If your tan is not done properly, there will be a lot of streaking in these quite noticeable areas. When the airbrush tan on your hand is not done properly, it can lead to a change in the color of your nails. Tans under the sun do not change the color of your nails, but the bronzers from the spray tans will surely do so. You can use either one of the below-given methods to avoid this problem :

Using a barrier cream

The most common thing your tan artist will do during airbrush tan is to use a barrier cream to prevent your nails from tanning. This barrier cream will prevent the airbrush tan and bronzers from darkening the areas on your body that you do not want to darken. This cream is usually applied on your hands and feet and also on your nails.

Using a nail varnish

Another alternative that you can use to prevent your nails from staining is by using nail varnish. You can use any color that you like. You can use a transparent nail color or any color of your choice. This way, the nail color will protect your nails from any exposure to the spray tan. If you use regular nail polish, you must allow the spray tan to develop the color within the designated time recommended by your tan artist and then wash it off. Once you are done washing the spray tan off, you can remove the nail polish that you used on your nails to protect them from the tanning solution.

Use a wet wipe or a makeup remover wipe

Another trick you can use to prevent your nails from staining is by using a wet wipe or a makeup removing wipe. Once your tanning session is over, you can wipe off your nails with the wipes. You can do so even if you have acrylics or nail polish on. This way you will prevent the bronzer from discoloring your nails and also wipe off any solution from the surface of your nails.

For more tips on how to make your airbrush tanning last longer, click here.

The Bottom line

It is visible that there are a lot of ways available out there that you can use to protect your nails from airbrush tanning. It is easy to choose any method that works the best for you. You must note that your nails are exposed to discoloration only if they do not have any gel nail polish on them. So, you need not worry, even If you have acrylics on. Simply hop on for getting your desired tan bronzy glow from tanning salons near you.

For a UV-free tanning experience, book your appointment today!


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