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How and should I exfoliate before laser hair removal?

by Shiraz Kahn about a year ago in skincare
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Steps to exfoliate the skin

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular hair removal methods that you can find out there among people. This treatment has received lots of positive attention because of its ability to deliver outstanding results. However, you need to make sure that you are exfoliating your skin before you proceed with laser hair removal. Otherwise, you cannot end up with receiving maximum outcomes from the investment you make.

Here’s a quick guide that you can follow and learn how to exfoliate your skin before laser hair removal. All you have to do is to go through these simple steps and you can make sure that laser hair removal is in a position to deliver maximum outcomes to you.

Steps to exfoliate the skin

When you take a look at the methods available to exfoliate your skin, you will figure out that there are two main options available to consider. The very first method is to go ahead with mechanical exfoliation method. Or else, you can try chemical exfoliation as well. Decision to pick an exfoliation method out of these should be made according to the type of skin that you have.

If you make the decision to proceed with mechanical exfoliation, you will be using a tool, such as a sponge or brush. Or else, you can even think about using a scrub. The tool that you use will be able to remove dead skin cells and deliver outstanding results. On the other hand, chemical exfoliation methods involve the usage of chemicals. In here, alpha hydroxyl acids and beta hydroxyl acids are being used in most of the instances. They will dissolve the dead skin cells in a gentle manner and provide you with the results that you wish to receive.

Few tips to exfoliate your skin

Now you are aware about the two methods available to follow while exfoliating your skin. While you follow these methods, there are some tips that you should follow as well. Here’s a quick overview of the tips that you need to follow and end up with getting positive results.

Take your skincare products into consideration

You must be using some skincare products. It is important for you to take those skincare products into consideration while you are going forward with an exfoliation method. That’s because some of the skincare products will react negatively with the exfoliation method that you use. You never want that to happen.

If the skincare products that you use contain benzoyl peroxide, retinol or retinoid, you need to think twice before you go ahead with exfoliating the skin. In such a situation, it is better to consult a dermatologist and follow the guidance. Otherwise, you will end up with dry skin. Or else, you will end up with acne breakouts.

Pick the best exfoliation method according to your skin type

As mentioned earlier, there are two different exfoliation methods available to consider. You should take a look at the exfoliation methods and pick the best one that matches with the skin type.

If you are a person who has a sensitive, dry or acne prone skin, you will need to go ahead with a mild chemical exfoliation method. That’s because mechanical exfoliation can deliver irritating results to your skin. On the other hand, people who have a thick skin can go ahead with strong chemical treatments. Or else, it is possible for them to attempt mechanical exfoliation method as well.

It is recommended not to use mechanical exfoliation or strong chemical exfoliation on darker skin. That’s because the exfoliation method you follow can make you end up with getting dark spots on the skin. Hence, you should refrain from this exfoliation method at all times.

Always be gentle to the skin

Hair Removal Expert – Bareskin says that while you are moving forward with laser hair removal, you should remain gentle to the skin at all times. This is applicable when you are using a chemical exfoliator or mechanical exfoliator. You should be applying the produce in a gentle manner. On the other hand, you should continue to follow circular and small motions. You will need to do this for a duration of around 30 seconds. Then you can rinse along with the help of lukewarm water. In here, you must make sure that you are not using hot water.

If you are using a sponge or brush for exfoliation, you should always stick to short and light strokes. It is recommended never to exfoliate in areas of your skin where you have wounds or open cuts. On the other hand, you must also make sure that you are not exfoliating sunburned skin as well.

Use a moisturizer after the exfoliation process

The process of exfoliating the skin can make it dry. This is why you should think about using a moisturizer soon after exfoliation. You need to apply it immediately after exfoliation. This will provide assistance to you with getting your skin hydrated. On the other hand, it will also help you to get the skin healthy as well. You should invest and purchase a moisturizer that is made out of all-natural ingredients.

Pick the best schedule

You should exfoliate the skin on a regular basis. It is better if you can exfoliate your skin few times before laser hair removal. In order to do that, you must locate the right schedule. If you are going through an aggressive exfoliation method, you don’t have to go through the steps too often. In the meantime, you must also make sure that you are not over-exfoliating the skin. Otherwise, your skin can get irritated or red.

Final words

Follow these steps and exfoliate your skin before laser hair removal. The time and effort you spend on exfoliating the skin can deliver outstanding results with laser hair removal. Hence, you don’t have to think twice before you go forward with it.


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