Hair Desires the Love of Sunscreen

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We are familiar with applying sunscreen to our skin, but your hair and scalp need it just as much.

Hair Desires the Love of Sunscreen
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We are familiar with applying sunscreen to our skin, but your hair and scalp need it just as much. Hair products with sun protectant claim to shield the sun from damaging, while also maintaining it to appear healthy and lustrous. Although we’re probably wondering, are these hair products committed to their word? If our hair is made of dead cells, do we really need to protect it from the sun? If we want to protect our crowning glory, we should probably consider protecting our hair from the sun’s harmful rays.

Excessive sun exposure causes the hair to become fragile, dull, dry, discolored, frizzed, and can result in the creation of split ends. When ultraviolet rays extend through the hair’s cuticle, very responsive molecules called free radicals are then produced. Free radicals are in search of an electron to feel complete again. When a free radical needs to stabilize, they seek a bond with another molecule or atom. This approach is known as oxidative stress, which then causes destruction to additional areas of the cell. The cell damage can as well contribute to hair loss. There isn’t any pain when the sun is exposed to the dead part of our hair, although the hair will dry out and the color will shortly fade. With color treated hair, SPF (sun protection factor) products are recommended as the chemicals in the color pigments wear off more quickly as opposed to someone without hair dye. Although, if SPF isn’t added to the hair and is damaged ultimately, hair soon gets replaced by new hair growth. In short term, damaged hair impacts our appearance and it of course is significant to our self- worth and confidence. While not pleased with the way our hair appears, it can possibly make us feel self-conscious and insecure.

Here’s the good news, you’re not going to develop cancer if you choose not to apply a sun protectant to your hair strands. However, you can develop cancer on your scalp from sun exposure. Sun damage to the hair strands isn’t as severe as the harm it’ll cause to your skin or scalp. The living components of hair which include the root sheath, root, sebaceous gland, and follicle underlie the skin which are protected. The hair shaft is however visible and non-living, as a result the UV (ultraviolet) exposure from the sun wouldn’t generate cancer. Thank goodness for that! If interested in protecting the quality of your hair, then it is beneficial to use a product that is going to preserve the hair from solar radiation. Certainly there are products for the scalp and hair with added SPF that will combat harsh UV rays from the sun.

You may not be familiar with hair sunscreens, which are somewhat new in the market, although many products that are created to filter UV and protect and repair the hair shaft are currently available. Several leave-in conditioners and shampoos include sunscreen, and you may as well purchase hairsprays and oils that contain an SPF label. In overall, sun protectant products for hair are not entirely as effective as those created for the skin. For that reason, I came up with a few ideas that’ll benefit your scalp and hair. Take into consideration these tips that I have for you:

•Apply ordinary sunblock or spray to the hair strands before sun exposure. Use a comb to create several partings, and rub sunscreen within the scalp. If tying hair into a ponytail, remember to apply sunscreen to the back of your neck and ears.

•When hair is wet, it is most vulnerable and weak for damage to occur. If going for a swim, wash your hair with clean water to maintain discoloration by salt and chlorine; tie long hair back to prevent tangles; and spray with sunscreen. After you’re finished swimming, rinse your hair with clean water and apply sunscreen repeatedly.

•Use a hat. The most excellent hats have wider brims to give shade to your face, and is created from material that allows the scalp and hair to breathe. Pin up, tuck in, or braid longer hair under a cute bandanna.

Now that we know how the sun can damage our hair, and how there’s hair products that contain SPF, as well as ways to avoid sun exposure, we can live in peace knowing that it is now up to us to protect our beauteous locks. It’s imperative that we not only care for our own hair, but that we further educate and make aware to others how important it is to use sunscreen aside from skin, but for hair similarly. There shouldn’t be an excuse to treat your scalp and hair with the same concern that you give the remaining of your body, right? Correct. It’ll be silly to not actively prevent scalp cancer and hair damage. Often you’ll hear, “Health is wealth” and that of course is definitely true but that as well applies to our hair being healthy and glorious. Digging a bit further into the saying, if our health is important then we must be taking in the right vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, water, and make some time to workout so that soon we’ll start seeing improvements of our outer appearance, additionally our hair. In the same token for the wealth of our hair, let’s take care of our nice locks and scalp with the love of sunscreen.


Tony Zhang
Tony Zhang
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