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5 tips for healthier shinier hair

Hair Care Secrets

We hear a lot of wives tales on how to keep healthy shiny hair. I’ve heard apple cider vinegar, mayonnaise, etc. these are all great home remedies. But we would never need any remedy if we did things how it should be in the first place. So let’s get started.

1. Stop washing your hair everyday!

People constantly complain about oily hair! Alright let me make this as simple as possible. Your hair follicle naturally produces oils. Your shampoos and conditioners have very harsh chemicals in them. Those chemicals can strip your hair of its natural oils. Now your hair follicle is like ‘what in the world I need to produce more oils and as fast as possible.’ Thus makes your hair more oily. I’d go two to three days without washing your hair. If you sweat a lot to where your hair is wet every single day then yeah wash it. But most people don’t have sweaty wet hair everyday so cut back on washing it. There are products like dry shampoo. Baby powder does a great job for day two or day three of unwashed hair as well, if you have it on hand. Try this out for a couple months and you’ll notice your hair won’t be as oily as before.

2. Rinse off with cool water.

Women loveeee hot showers! I know I do. Men are weird for liking cold showers am I right? Hot water is damaging to your skin and hair. Hot water can dry out the skin and cause itchiness, especially in the winter. Hot water opens the pores on your skin, so any product you use it absorbs deeply. Once you get out the shower your pores are still open but only now you’re exposing your open pored skin to the dirty environment. You need to close your pores before dirt and dust get in them. This is what causes itchiness. If you’re experiencing dry skin or itchy skin, try ending your shower with cool water to close up those pores before you get out of the shower. I know it sucks but it only take a minute for that cool water to close up the pores. Now you can get out and be free without worrying about itchy dry skin. Hot water damaged hair as well. Heat in general damages hair. Hair works almost the same way except hot water open the hair follicle and damages it. When you rinse your hair with cool water you’re entrapping all of the good products you just put on your hair!

3. Use heat protectant

If you invest in anything of good quality for your hair invest in a good heat protectant! Heat protectant is so important because even the heat from the sun can damage your hair. That’s why dirty blondes naturally become platinum blondes in the summer because the sun naturally lightens their hair. Add heat protectant after every shower. I believe once you apply the product to your hair it stays there until you wash it, so don’t worry too much about applying it every time you apply heat to your hair, that will only result in build up which is not cute sis.

4. Brush your hair

Twice a day everyday. It hurts I get it but brushing your hair can actually help your hair grow. You’re essentially stimulating the hair follicle and helping the hair shaft grow the way it should. This promotes healthy and fast hair growth!

5. Get your products at local salons

Your grocery store and local retailer such as Marshall’s don’t have the actual product you think you’re buying! Some grocery stores use different ingredients and manufacturers to make it seem like they are the real deal but they are so bad for you! Local retailers are known for covering a lower quality product with a brand that is what is considered high end and expensive but they make you think you’re getting it at a lower price. Just be careful where you buy your hair and skin care products make sure it’s people that are actually licensed to tell you what to buy and what’s good for you.

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Thanks for reading all the way through! Stay blessed!

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