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Give Your Skin a Glowing Tan without Frying in the Sun with Melanotan in Australia

by Melanotan Aus about a year ago in body

Hey, are you worried because your skin is pale in color? You tend to almost fry yourself in the sun but all you get is a skin burn.

Hey, are you worried because your skin is pale in color? You tend to almost fry yourself in the sun but all you get is a skin burn.

Why are you basking in the sun for long?

The harmful UV radiation can start giving you troubles leading to cancer, skin burns, and much more.

So, your target is to get a glowing skin tan and you can get it without the sun too. Don’t expose yourself to the sun's heat when you can get skin tanned naturally. Secondly, you can opt for products with good offers from Melanotan Australia to darken your skin.

Well, if you going the natural way to darken your skin, it is somewhat difficult. However, you can still manage to follow the steps as tanning is possible.

Let us take a look at the different ways to give your skin a perfect tan without the sun.

Natural Ways To Skin Tan Without Sun


If you can take daily supplements such as beta carotene tablets, multivitamins, or antioxidants, they are beneficial. They help in producing melanin in your body that aids in tanning on the skin. Further, you will get an orange shade look on your skin and not a darker color.

Essential Oils

You can consume essential oils that aid in increasing melanin production in the skin. It helps in giving you a darker shade as melanin being a dark pigment. Even if you have a fair complexion or pale skin, you can enjoy a natural tanned skin tone.

Diet Matters

Eat tomatoes, carrots, juices to give your skin a slightly darker skin. However, you will get a slightly orange color. Don’t worry as if you add fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, you will get a darker shade too.

Powder Makeup

You want to look beautiful with the skin tan, but don’t want to indulge in chemicals. By using a bronzing powder makeup you can get it quickly, however, it is a temporary solution. That would be a daily task if you want to maintain the tan look. That is a lot of hassle for you.

Tanning Salon

It is another method if you prefer a tanning bed or spray tanning. You can visit a tanning salon and get yourself darker and sexier tanned skin. However, there is one thing of caution that the tanning beds emit UV radiation. Ensure that using the tanning beds for a long time can be harmful to you. The salon people recommend a tanning lotion to apply on the skin before using tanning beds.

Well, these are the natural ways you can get a darker skin tan. Some of them are using the diet and others using makeup. Meanwhile, the salon option doesn't seem that perfect and has some harmful radiation too.

So what's the next best option you can get?

Connect with Melanotan in Australia to get a natural-looking tan that lasts longer and not just temporary.

Use Melanotan in Australia for All Round Glowing Tan

You can get self-tanning products that are cost-effective and don't harm. You will sure achieve a glowing tan by following some of the steps.

Some of the recommended methods are shared here for your information.

Tanning lotions can be used that is easy to apply evenly on your skin. Get a natural-looking tan without the use of harmful chemicals or UV radiation.

Self-tanning sprays or nasal sprays can be used which is another method to achieve a darker skin tan.

Tanning pills can be taken which include all the vitamins and amino acids. It is safe to consume them and is recommended by Melanotan in Australia. You will get deep bronzed results in a couple of weeks. If your skin complexion is fair, the results will vary but you will get a healthy-looking glowing tan.


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