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Getting Rid of Acne Scars - The Before & After

The only method that’s worked for me… (with pictures!)

By Jaquelyn CannonPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

If you have arrived at this article… first, let me say I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you’ve struggled with your skin. I’m sorry that you’ve tried literally everything with little to no results… I’m sorry that you’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on creams, peels, masks, and other treatments which turned out to be let-down after let-down. Just know that I used to be on the side of the screen that you’re on - reading article after article, just trying to get some hope about how I wasn’t going to suffer anymore. Now let me say that there is hope - and this article is for you!

Scarring and discoloration on the cheek - before and after

I struggled horribly with cystic acne throughout high school. You can read one of my other articles about how I got rid of the active breakouts (thank you God and CBD oil). However, after the breakouts were gone - I was left with the dreaded reminder that they were ever even there - acne scars, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, large pores, etc.

I had tried everything - light therapy, face masks, expensive face washes and creams, etc. Some things helped more than others. But nothing helped like SkinPen resurfacing treatments. (Btw, I’m not being paid by SkinPen to publish this article - just to clear that up.) I simply just want to help the person that is struggling to look in the mirror because I know how discouraging it is.

Now, before I continue, let me say that this is a long process - you cannot expect one treatment to fix everything. I have had five treatments now and my skin still isn’t “perfect” but I believe with consistency and the right skin care regimen, maybe one day it can be.

Another thing I’d like to tell you up front is that this process can get bloody (the nickname for it is the “vampire facial”) - peep the picture below to see what your skin will look like right after a treatment. But it is important to add - that even though you might look a little scary right after, the downtime is actually quite minimal. By day two, I usually look like I have a pretty intense sunburn (maybe some spots more red than others) and by day three, I’m typically at work and just look like I’m blushing most the day.

Now, let me walk you through the process and give you some estimates on pricing…

When I first arrive at my aestheticians office, she puts a numbing cream on my face so that all I feel throughout the treatment is a light tickle. Here is some friendly advice: if your aesthetician tries to proceed without numbing you then find a new aesthetician! You’ve already been through enough emotional pain with the scars - you don’t need the physical pain too. Anyway, after she numbs be, if I do PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) with it then she will draw my blood and get that process started (this is optional and does cost extra). We will chit chat while the numbing cream does it’s job and then she will get started. The procedure takes about 45 minutes. Right after the procedure, you will have pinpoint bleeding but be healed within a few days (4 or 5 days max). The treatment causes micro injuries that makes your skin want to repair itself thus speeding up collagen production. For this reason, you may not see the most results until 2 to 6 weeks after your treatment. And, as I said earlier, for maximum results, you may need to have 5 or more treatments. But it is so worth it!

Everything about my skin has changed! Some of the more shallow scars are completely gone. The deeper scars are more shallow. My texture is smoother. And my skin tone is more even. I have never seen such a dramatic improvement in my skin as I do now and trust me, I’ve tried just about everything.

Because of the results I’ve had, that’s why I’m willing to spend the money that it costs - which is about $300 per treatment. Yes, it is quite a bit of money but I have spent that amount of money in all the other methods I’ve tried that didn’t work so now that I’ve found something that does work - I’m willing to save up to spend it; even if that means not going out to eat for a couple weeks or not being my 3rd iced coffee for the day.

To wrap this up, I just wanted to give someone the hope they needed; the knowledge and proof that it can get better! Please know that you are not alone and that my thoughts and prayers are with you! Some people do not understand the toll that acne and scars can take on a person and now that I’ve found something that’s working for me, my confidence and self-esteem has improved dramatically. I can look in a mirror and like what I see and I just want the same for you. Just be consistent and don’t give up!

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