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Free Trial; Only Pay Shipping

by Denise Willis 6 months ago in body

Little surprises you don't count on.

Free Trial; Only Pay Shipping
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We all want to look our best, flaunting thick hair, clear, pore-free skin without any wrinkles. We long to have thin hips, a small waist and breasts that are high and firm. But, unfortunately most of us are stuck with a less than perfect face and body. Time limitations, work, family obligations, and little time for ourselves causes stress which shows on our faces and bodies. We get bellies in the front and big, round butts in the back from too much sitting in a day. Cellulite begins to form everywhere and it is hard to get rid of once it's there. The skin on our faces is sallow and drawn. Lines begin to form around our eyes and mouth. Either dark circles or puffiness starts to blur the beauty that was once your eyes.

All this aside, we still continue to strive for our best looks. We try all the new products with renewed faith that this time the product will work and the lost youth will be regained. Because we have such hectic lives, and because many of us spend time on our computers in the evening and on weekends, we are more prone to purchase a product online than we are to drive to a store and get it. There are a lot of scams out there, and scams can come in many forms. I just had an experience with a type of scam that escapes prosecution but rips people off all the same. It is the con where the consumer is offered a product on a free trial basis. The only thing that has to be paid is a small amount for shipping. The amount is usually between three and six dollars, and most women are willing to pay that small amount to try something new.

If you are very lucky, you will receive your order. Sometimes that is not the case. However, if you do receive your order do not be surprised if your bank account has a huge sum showing as withdrawn and you won't be able to figure out at first where it came from. There is usually not a lot of information on the withdrawal description on the bank statement or online. It will finally become evident to you that you are now paying full price for the product you ordered and are somehow hooked on a monthly delivery. That is what happened to me . I had $97.94 removed from my bank account, and the bank was able to find me a phone number to call the company and try to resolve it, which is the first step in getting your money back. I called, and finally convinced them to refund half of the amount and cancel my membership, but only after I threatened to turn them over to the BBB, and began talking about the legalities of what they had done.

Speaking of legalities, what I learned is that in order for that type of transaction to be legal, the terms of the purchase have to be boldly displayed on the page where the trial offer is made. If it is in small print or similarly hidden, then the withdrawal can be challenged.

I was scrolling online the other night on Facebook, and I happened to see an advertisement for a new face cream that would resolve deep wrinkles and uneven skin tones. Just for fun, I went to the site, and sure enough nothing was ever mentioned about how you were signing up for automatic shipments each month when you accepted the trial. Three paragraphs down, in very small print, it was finally disclosed that each month thereafter a new shipment would arrive and $189.00 would be taken from your bank account. I think I would drop dead if that happened to me, since money is tight right now to begin with.

Be careful ladies, there are a lot of dishonest people out there, and right now it seems there are more than usual. I used to be an avid Jafra customer, and used the products on my skin faithfully, but even a quality product such as Jafra or Mary Kay takes time to work. There is no magic potent in a bottle that is going to wipe ten to twenty years off your face.

Denise Willis
Denise Willis
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Denise Willis

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