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Follow your feelings, right?

The body's mind

By danielkmay jhPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

People often ask if they want to follow their own feelings. Follow your feelings, right? not exactly. People always want to determine what is right and what is wrong, and always want to set a standard, which in itself is impossible. There is no absolute standard. What people call right, not absolute. Absolutely, absolutely right, must be complete, complete.

People have feelings and logical thinking, if it is right to follow their own feelings, then thinking is useless? thinking is of course useful. The feeling is only half, the mind is the other half, both halves must be, and almost as many, in order to maintain balance. If there is only half of it, it is impossible to balance it. Herringbone, if there is only one prime, can it stand firm?

People who put too much emphasis on feelings are very subjective and are easily influenced by emotions. generally speaking, such people do not live very well. Emotion is very powerful, and this power can be used to influence others as well as oneself. It is a good thing to have power, but it cannot be abused or misused.

How to use your power, how to use your emotions, this is wisdom. Let the power become orderly and not chaotic, let the power move in the direction they want, rather than irregularity, let the power focus on a certain position, rather than scattered in all directions, which requires the observation of objective laws, pure reason, and great reason.

Feeling is limited, thinking is also limited, relying on any kind alone will bring problems. There are many delusions in the feeling and a lot of invalid thinking in the thinking, so whether it is thinking or feeling, it is not completely reliable. You want to set a standard, you want to have a fixed method, you want to rely on a single tool, after all, it is unreliable.

Although it is unreliable, you still have to use them when you want to use them. If you want to use it well, you have to improve their ability. It is necessary to improve the ability of feeling and thinking. To improve your thinking ability, you don't have to think more. On the contrary, there is an opposite way to improve your sensory ability. To improve your perception, you don't have to follow your own feelings. Instead, you should look at your feelings objectively, and even use rational thinking to analyze your feelings.

In other words, thinking can improve your thinking ability, but this is only on the one hand, on the other hand, reducing thinking and increasing perception also helps to improve your thinking ability. Similarly, perception can improve your sensory ability, but this is only one side, on the other hand, objective thinking also helps to improve your perceptual ability. This is a delicate balance.

If you want to improve your ability in a certain aspect, you must first improve your overall ability. The whole must be balanced. If the balance is out of balance, the balance must be restored first. If you balance at one level, you can keep balance at a higher level. People who don't have enough thinking ability because they think too much should go in the opposite direction and improve their feelings. These are mostly adults. People who do not have enough thinking ability because they think less and act entirely on their feelings should improve their logical thinking. These are mostly children.

If you can maintain balance and improve your sensory ability, your thinking ability is bound to improve as well. The improvement of sensory ability will lead to intuition and inspiration; the improvement of thinking ability will lead to leaping thinking, which can directly skip the complex appearance and see the essence. People often say that genius has not only intuition and inspiration, but also leaping thinking. Because of their leaping thinking, they are often not understood by ordinary people.

You think my article is easy to understand, it is a pity to say this reason, because I am not a genius, and neither are you. I can't write about jumping, and you don't happen to like it either. It doesn't matter if you're not a genius. Practice is the process of returning to nature after birth. If you can enter the innate realm, everyone will have more talents to show. Although this is very difficult, it can be done as long as it is in the right direction and can be maintained all the time. Moreover, if you keep your feet on the ground step by step and every step is verified, you will feel safe and at ease.

The accuracy of the feeling, in the end how high and clear!


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