Eco-Friendly Makeup Removal

We might somewhere affect the planet along with our skin if we are using synthetic makeup removal products. While reminding ourselves to not harm our skin with all those toxins, we need to try and think of ways to stop environmental damage too. Read on to find some super effective eco-friendly makeup removal products recommended by our experts.

Eco-Friendly Makeup Removal

Pretty sure you know this already, but we will just say it anyway: Do not sleep with makeup on!

Beauty professionals, dermatologists, and many skin experts have time after time advised us that one of the most harmful things we might be doing to our skin is ‘not removing makeup before we hit the bed’.

Let’s understand that while removing makeup we might somewhere be affecting the planet along with our skin if we are still using synthetic makeup and makeup removing products.

While reminding ourselves to not harm our skin with all those toxins, we need to try and think of ways to stop environmental damage too. The trick is to think of both our skin and the planet.

From the year 2010 to 2020, not only the beauty industry has taken an upward rise, but it has also tried to come up with changes that not only will help you or us but the future generations too.

Understand why is there a need to go all sustainable:

1. To reduce waste and carbon footprint.

To protect the environment and its natural resources.

2. To reduce plastic pollution.

3. To avoid causing harm to our health.

Please note: We do not advise you to throw away all your vanity products in the name of sustainability but definitely apprise you to start and make tiny swaps to your daily makeup and makeup removal processes.

Moving from sustainable makeup to now switching to clean and all-natural makeup removing products, we have your vanity kit sorted all the way:

1. Juicy Chemistry Organic Makeup Cleanser for All Skin Types with Fig, Maple, and Damask Rose

Your natural pore cleanser and exfoliant for the skin, this makeup cleanser is made with rich natural ingredients that not only give a calming effect after clearing the skin but also give it much needed hydration.

2. Dromen & Co Magic Cotton Pads

Easy to carry anywhere and anytime, these cotton pads are one of the best makeup removing solutions that need just a dab of water and off you go. They are safe for all skin types and are made with natural fibres.

3. BareAir Oil-Infused Micellar Water Makeup Remover with Green Tea

Providing your skin much-needed smoothness, this micellar water removes layers of makeup and penetrates deep into the skin detoxifying it, making it smoother and fresher for the next day.

4. Just Herbs Sapta Jal Ayurvedic Micellar Water with Triphala, Shallaki, Tulsi, Chandan, Khus, Gulab, Narangi Phool

The richness of all-natural ingredients induced in this micellar water has complexion boosting abilities while taking off your makeup and not letting your skin dry. It has no parabens or fragrances harmful to the skin.

5. Ohria Ayurveda Kokum and Castor Butter, Eye Makeup Cleanser

Let us just say eyes need special care to be it makeup removal or otherwise. Be gentle to your eyes and remove your make up with this eye makeup cleanser that takes off makeup while nourishing and strengthening the eyelashes and brows.

All the popular and conventional makeup products in the market today are not going to benefit you or mother nature. But the change in your actions might. Go toxin-free and switch to eco-friendly products when it comes to your beauty care.

Give your skin a breather from the day to night makeup and give it some extra credits for giving you a good day and a booming personality.

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