Dread Products

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Oils I use & benefits

Dread Products
Just some products pictured here

Today I wanted to share with you the products that I use and the benefits in using them. A lot have the same properties as the others, but the smell and mixing them together have been great on my hair.

I will start with Eucalyptus essential oil that I am not a huge fan of the smell, but it's not horrible once it's diluted.

Eucalyptus essential oil:

. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiseptic.

. Great deodorizer if your dreads smell.

. Prevents hair loss and strengthens hair follicles.

A minty, pine scent that for me is strong but after diluted it does calm some.

Tea tree essential oil: This is my favorite oil

. Anti-inflammatory

. Helps with scalp irritation

. Increases blood circulation to the scalp

. Helps with dandruff and dry scalp

. Removes toxins from your body

. Prevents infections and fungus from growing

. Can help regenerate hair if you have hair loss or thinning hair

. Insect repellent properties

. Immune system booster

. Conditions and unclogs the pores on the scalp improves scalp health

. Controls bad odors

Peppermint essential oil:

. Antiseptic and antibacterial

. Helps control the production of oil in the scalp

. Stimulates hair growth

. Improves the condition of the scalp like dandruff, dry flakes

. Wards off lice and insects

. Promotes blood circulation and oxygenation in the scalp

. Restores pH of scalp

. Removes bad odors

. Mood booster

. Helps with a headache- perfect for people with dreads :)

Rosemary essential oil:

. Helps with itchy heads

. Helps with thinning hair

. Treats dandruff, dry scalp, flaky scalp

Citrus, tree smell

Now with all these , you will need to use a carrier oil as well. That could be olive oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, etc… Keep in mind that the oils that you mix will change in scent. Mix and match to find what you like. You will also need to purchase distilled water that way it doesn't go bad quickly, like take days. It happens and it sucks.

I have ordered an oil that I have never seen or heard of anyone using, but it hasn't come in the mail yet so I won't talk about it just now.

I do take the vitamin in the picture above, now at the same time I guess it would be a good idea to stop for a while. I am at the early stage of my locs so I will have loose hair more often. It has helped my hair to grow and I just love this product, my older kids take them now.

Shampoo, you do not want to wash your hair with the same shampoo. Unless it has no paraben, sulfates, formaldehyde, and sodium Laureth sulfate. That's no good for your loss. I use the Live Clean apple cider vinegar and it is amazing. My hair smells great and it feels softer to the touch. I will be ordering more though it's a full bottle. As we're on shampoo, how many times have you heard people with dreadlocks don't wash their hair? That's so untrue lol, actually, most of us started washing them more. We want to make sure that we are clean and smell good. The thing with washing you will have more loose hair to twist back up, but for the most part palm rolling does help. It is a game-changer let me tell you.

They also have a detox bomb that you can purchase from dread shops. I am new to this but I wouldn't recommend doing that as of yet. You can also buy Olde Thompson sea salt and apple cider vinegar with the mother and make your own dread bath. That's something that would wait like a year to do, and I am making myself wait that long. I don't need to detox a month in anyways but I want to stay insect and odor-free.

People ask all the time well how do you wash dreads? It is the same as when I had loose hair. I make sure to pay attention to my scalp and rinse, rinse, rinse, and rinse again before you twist them to get the water out and I rinse three more times and twist the water out again. We bought microfiber towels for me and I wrap my hair up long enough to get dressed and settle down to dry them. I have a blow dryer because you don't want to let them dry on their own. It takes too long if they dry and it causes fungus and mold rot in the middle of dreads. You don't want that, so the blow dryer is your friend but you don't want it in the highest setting where it burns your hair.

I palm roll my locs daily or else they tangle and the roots will grow together, which we don't want. Once a week if I feel up to it I will use a crochet hook on the new growth.

It would be easier and so awesome if you guys could comment and engage in this topic lol.

I feel like I am missing something but if I think of it I will add it in the next dread post. That one will be of the carrier oils that use or have ordered. Sharing is caring and I want everyone to join and have fun, even if you don't have dreadlocks.

Hope this helps you just a little bit.

Kimmy Dexter
Kimmy Dexter
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