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Does Toothpaste For Acne Really Work?

by Mustafa Rangoonwala 5 months ago in skincare

Reasons People Use Toothpaste for Acne

Does Toothpaste For Acne Really Work?

Toothpaste for acne is perhaps one of the most suggested common acne treatments despite its questionable acne remedy quality. Stories about this experience are numerous, and the results often contradict each other. Some people said that toothpaste really dried up their acne growths quickly and made cheaper solution than acne cream (they even said that they better use toothpaste than cheap, weak acne cream). Others, however, complained that toothpaste did not work at all and even made their acne worse. So if you have acne and think about using toothpaste, let us see some notions about using toothpaste for acne.

Reasons People Use Toothpaste for Acne

Toothpaste for Acne: Why people use acne toothpaste? Simple; it is chosen as a home remedy. There are times when someone wakes up and suddenly finds one or two painful, angry red acne spots on his or her face, which are unusual if he or she never has any acne history before. People who rarely get acne usually do not think to stock acne cream at home, especially because acne cream is rarely used, smells a bit weird, clashes with face cream, and dries up the skin. Thus, the quick solution is grabbing toothpaste for acne, as so many stories and online reviews have ever told. A single, quick nab on the spot is something cheap and easy to do.

Even dermatologists have different opinions about using toothpaste for acne. Some said that it is fine and even helpful depends on the toothpaste ingredients and severity of the acne growths. Others say absolute no, because although some people did find quick acne remedy with toothpaste, its ingredients are not enough to present reliable healing qualities for acne, and can even become destructive in some cases. Nevertheless, many people continue to use toothpaste for acne and find different results. The ones who got good results to stick with their opinions, and vice versa.

Toothpaste for Acne: Inside the Ingredients

So what makes toothpaste for acne a popularly suggested home remedy? Many people reported that their pimples dried up quite fast, and some even said that their acne healed in just one night (although those were also attributed to the severity of the acne). Others said that the pimples really just fell out and no longer painful after several dabbing after a bath. Some dermatologists tried to break down some common ingredients in toothpaste to find out which one that actually gives a contribution in the acne healing process, which makes many people trust common toothpaste for acne treatment despite bad results that can come up.

There are several ingredients that dermatologists could link (although not absolutely) to acne treatment, which explain why many people use toothpaste for acne with good results. Some of them are sodium pyrophosphate that removes tartar from teeth as well as calcium from saliva, baking soda, hydrated silica, powdered mica, and titanium dioxide. These ingredients only appear in such small amounts in a tube of toothpaste, but there are chances that some of them could really work in healing acne, thus makes using toothpaste for acne a relatively effective home remedy, if not absolutely. So let us take a look at what dermatologists have found so far.

How Toothpaste for Acne Works?

As we know, people who have used toothpaste for acne reported quick dry up of their pimples, and when the pimples were large, toothpaste reduces their sizes so quickly. The explanations might lie in some ingredients like sodium pyrophosphate, baking soda and titanium dioxide that have the biggest possibility of having pimple-dryer quality. They might work on really small pimples, but for severe acne, using toothpaste for acne might not be effective because these three ingredients really just appear in the grainy amount of quantities in a tube of toothpaste.

Soft exfoliating agent to treat acne is present in dermal abrasive products. However, since these products are quite pricey, many people opt for a toothpaste for acne because they think the abrasive agents in commercial toothpaste such as mica or hydrated silica can work as well as more expensive abrasive products. However, until now, there are still no exact proofs that can support this belief, as the quantities of mica or silica in a tube of toothpaste are far too little compared to dermal abrasive products for acne. Thus, debates about whether toothpaste for acne is effective or not are still ongoing.

So Does Toothpaste for Acne Really Work?

Toothpaste for Acne: Since many people who claimed the success of using toothpaste for acne are so many, you could say that perhaps the right amount of using at the right time can really work. However, so far, people who got their acne healed by toothpaste only relied on anecdotal proofs instead of reliable, scientific-based proofs. Besides, hardcore dermatologists completely refuse the idea of using toothpaste for acne, because while toothpaste might help in drying up pimples, it does not eliminate the bacteria that actually cause the acne-like the real acne cream does even if the acne cream is just from the cheapest product. And of course, there are some scary stories from people who used toothpaste for acne and ended up getting worse results. There are people who got their pimples burned so bad that they left marks or spots instead. There are people who experienced slight burning sensations in their eyes as well as the treated spots. Some got the worse aftermath scars after their pimples reddened and burnt after being touched with toothpaste. People who popped their pimples first also reported permanent scars after they use toothpaste for acne.

There are no ways to guess when this treatment will work and when it will bring something worse. Overall, while it is true that using toothpaste for acne is not always effective, there are also no exact proofs that state the contrary. That is why people who only have the sparse budget or do not want to spend dollars for rarely used acne medications turn to toothpaste. Many of them even gave suggestions of how to reduce the bad effects of toothpaste for acne, such as washing it off after 20 minutes and using moisturizer right after the toothpaste is washed off. In the end, it depends on our common sense and personal research before really trying to use toothpaste for acne.

What Kind of Toothpaste for Acne that Works

You might often hear that question, especially judging from the popularity of toothpaste as a home remedy for acne and pimples. While there are no exact scientific proofs that support the healing quality claims of toothpaste yet, many people continue to use it for various personal reasons and anecdotal proofs. The popularity toothpaste as a remedy for acne has made many people write about the best toothpaste product to heal acne, for people who seriously ask about what kind of toothpaste for acne that works. Here are some stories about people’s experiences with some brands, ranging from the rather cheap to slightly expensive brands. All are from some of the most popular brands in the market.

What Kind of Toothpaste for Acne that Works from Cheap Brands?

Many people who come from ‘toothpaste for acne supporter’ side asked about what kind of toothpaste for acne that really works well despite its cheap price? DXN Ganozhi Toothpaste has so far earned a popular spot as a home remedy for acne. Many people reported about Ganozhi’s ability to dry up even the moderately severe pimple fast as long as you do not let it sit more than 20 minutes on the skin. Speaking about what kind of toothpaste for acne that works well, Ganozhi may not the most comfortable home remedy because it burns slightly and makes your eyes watery. Washing face with warm water and applying moisturizing cream afterwards are common preventive suggestions to help you get rid of the dried toothpaste without causing any scars.

Ganozhi also gets a lot of positive reviews when it comes to what kind of toothpaste for acne that works well, although most of the reviews, of course, are based on personal reviews. Ganozhi tends to create a slight burning sensation on the skin. Most of the reviewers suggest staying awake during the application and do not let it sit on the skin overnight, or it may create burnt patches that are difficult to remove. When others ask about what kind of toothpaste for acne that does not burn the skin, these reviewers usually say that most toothpaste will give the same effect while it sits too long on the skin, except that DXN Ganozhi Toothpaste seems to get a lot of positive seats.

What Kind of Toothpaste for Acne Categories that Work?

Actually, there are no exact answers for what kind of toothpaste for acne categories work well. That is because using toothpaste for acne has never been a common suggestion that is widely accepted both by public and dermatologists, so there has not been the reliable answer for this one (unlike brushing teeth regularly, for example). Using Ganozhi toothpaste as a home remedy for acne is more like the latest resort compared to acne cream and acne medications. And for those who would like to try the toothpaste anyway, they are suggested to not picking just any type of toothpaste. When it comes to answering what kind of toothpaste for acne categories that work safely, there are some notions to pay attention to.

Most users who got satisfactory results agreed that when it comes to what kind of toothpaste for acne that works best, the one with common white and creamy-like texture is the answer. It could somehow explain why Ganozhi Toothpaste have got so many positive reviews. Ganozhi Toothpaste has Ganoderma Lucidum Extract which helps acne to cure fast and no chemical added. Apparently, the more ingredients the toothpaste has, the higher the risks of side effects it gets such as burning sensation. The point is, sensible using by light dab instead of brushing, not popping the pimples and not letting the toothpaste overnight on the skin are important notes to answer the question of what kind of toothpaste for acne.

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