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Darkness is the absence of light, you bring light in, the darkness disappears!

The body's mind

By danielkmay jhPublished 4 months ago 6 min read


You said there was no devil, only God. When I was in the West, there were a lot of rumors about devil possession, especially because of the movie Archmage.

What's going on with a person who believes he's possessed? is it some form of possession or is it really spiritual? is it really dangerous or is it all imagined?


The devil is like darkness. It exists but it doesn't exist. Darkness is the absence of light, and the devil is the absence of God. You bring in the light, and the darkness disappears; you bring God in, and the devil disappears. Darkness and light have never met, and the devil and God have never met.

There is an old Hindu story. Darkness once complained to God: "I haven't done anything wrong, but your sun chases me every morning for no reason. Running around makes me exhausted. The sun has been chasing me around the earth!" It's not fair! "

God said, "I will summon the sun." When the sun was called, God asked the sun, "Why do you keep looking for trouble in the dark? she hasn't done anything bad to you." It's not fair. "

The sun was taken aback. "I never met her," he said. What are you talking about? I've never encountered such a thing. Please summon her in front of me. "

The complaint has never been closed. God has been trying, but he can't summon darkness in front of the sun. In terms of the nature of things, this is impossible, because darkness is not real. It exists but it doesn't exist. It's not here. The same is true of the devil, it is good for the devil to be portrayed as dark and black. This shows that the nature of the devil is like darkness. God is called light in the Koran, the Bible and the Vedas. In all the scriptures in the world, God is synonymous with light. It has a profound meaning. It means that when God exists, the devil cannot exist.

The questioner asked: you said there is no devil, only God.

Yes, but God may not be here, God may be asleep-so the devil exists. God can sleep soundly-so the devil is arrogant. Don't fight the devil, because it's a struggle against the dark. If you really want to destroy the darkness, just bring the light in. Don't fight the darkness, it's stupid. Don't fight the devil, bring in the light, bring the god in, be vigilant, make the god within you alert, and the devil will disappear.

When I was in the West, there were a lot of rumors about devil possession.

This has always been the case. Through the ages, people all over the world have talked about the devil, because in people's practical experience, the devil is more real than God. God only appears to a few people. Somewhere there is a Buddha, a Jesus, a Zarathustra, a Laozi, a Mahavia-this is very rare.

The devil is the experience of everyone, and you can also find a group of people-atheists who don't believe in God, but even atheists believe in the devil. Some people don't believe in God, but these people always believe in the devil. Because the devil is a more personal experience of the public and most people. Maybe the Buddha was deceived, he was hypnotized and hallucinated; looking at his belly button drove him crazy-who knows what the evidence is-but countless people have experienced the devil.

Yes, it is. The experience of the devil is more real than that of God, but I still want to tell you that the devil does not exist. It is just an experience that arises from your deep sleep and unconsciousness. You could lose control and be possessed by it at any time. The difference between a person who is possessed and a person who is not possessed is only in degree.

As long as you look at your mind, you can always feel that you are on the edge. You may enter the realm of the devil at any time. He's sitting on the fence waiting for you. He's inviting you. All you have to do is sit down, close the doors and windows, and write down everything that comes to your mind in fifteen minutes, and you will find it is like the scripture written by the devil. Don't fake it, no one will see it. You just have to write down everything that appears truthfully and honestly. You can almost feel the madness pouring out. This madness can become possessed at any time.

…… Especially because of the movie the Archmage.

Movies, stories, rumors, they create their own atmosphere. Marilyn Monroe committed suicide in 1962, when the suicide rate in many American cities was quite high. In New York, Chicago and San Francisco, the number of suicides is five times higher than usual.

It was just a woman who killed herself. Many people are suicidal, and they suddenly receive a message. They were suddenly possessed. People live by imitation. Even a beautiful woman like Monroe can commit suicide. What is there to worry about? you can also commit suicide.

People have been imitating the behavior of others. In 1950, a female student in Japan jumped out of a crater. Over the next two months, 300 girls jumped from the same crater. What's going on? what's crazy? it's spreading like an epidemic. Human beings have been so crazy that they are on the trigger.

Remember, you are also vulnerable. Anything can be a trigger. That's why I emphasize-- never imitate, don't be a copy of others. Try to be yourself, be yourself. Protect your individuality, don't get lost in the masses, don't become part of the collective mind.

If you have an individual mind, one day you can become a member of the universal mind. But if you fall into the collective mind, you degenerate into the devil. The masses are the devil, and imitation is the road to the devil. So if there is a movie like the Archmage, many people will start to talk about demons, ghosts, possession, many people will be possessed, many people will have nightmares.

The mind is vulnerable to great influence, and that's where the danger lies. That's how you become Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews. You have been "sealed" by others. Once anything starts, it becomes a chain reaction. To be careful, you must guard your consciousness.

Never be a member of any sect, never be a member of any organization, never become a national of any country. I know there are practical difficulties-you have to hold a passport. I didn't say throw my passport into the river, but remember it's just a convenience. Don't be a citizen of any country-whether it's India, the United States or France. Don't make a difference. Don't think you are a Christian, Hindu or Muslim. Everything is fine based on utility and convenience, but remember that deep down you don't promise, or you only promise to your own nature.

This is necessary, and this is one of the most basic things to remember. Mankind has suffered a great deal. All kinds of things spread like plagues and infectious diseases, and once they spread, they became as uncontrollable as wildfire. You are easily influenced and your mind tends to imitate, so be careful. Cultivate individuality, cultivate your own awareness, and you will be less and less under the control of the devil. The devil means the collective mind, the devil means the collective lethargy, collective intoxication.

Excerpt from "42 chapters"


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