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Daily, Weekly, specific Skin Care Routines.

by Fluo & Pattern 2 years ago in product review
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Well, why not apply that same tactic to your specific skin care routine, creating a schedule for your skin. When it comes to a gorgeous, glowing complexion, there are quite a few steps you can (and probably should) include in your skin care regimen—but not all of them need to be done on a daily basis or at the same time every day/night and weekly.

Daily, Weekly, specific Skin Care Routines.
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We all dream of flawless, glowing skin, but with new products constantly hitting the shelves and the seemingly endless skincare advice out there on the Internet, it's not always easy to figure out the skincare routine that's going to work best for you.

With so much to keep track of, we’re here to help you stay organized in order to create the very best skin care routine(s) for you. Consider the following your skin care routine checklist, chock full of skin care products—facial cleansers, facial moisturizers, eye creams, face masks, self-tanners, and more—not to mention, tips for using each of them. Whether you want to brighten the appearance of your skin with a charcoal mask or reduce the appearance of fine lines or dark circles with the help of an eye cream, we’ve got you covered.

Every day

Tip #1 Vichy water thermal. 200ml .Wash face.

Extremely refreshing, soothing and infused with antioxidants, Vichy Volcanic Water is a natural solution for boosting skin hydration and health. Vichy’s proprietary ingredient, 15 Mineral-Rich Volcanic Water, is clinically proven to strengthen skins natural defenses from exposome aggressors.

Tip #2 Chanel blue serum eye 15ml

Chanel creates the first eye serum concentrating the power of natural ingredients from diets of the blue zones, regions of the world where people live better and longer. The skin looks younger and healthier. Wrinkles and fine lines appear smoothed, puffiness and dark circles are visibly reduced and skin appears more luminous.

It's specially formulated to help the eye contour appear younger. BLUE SERUM EYE increases hydration by 54% and firmness by 24%. The appearance of dark circles is reduced by 14%.

How to use: Apply morning and evening to cleansed skin, before or in place of your usual eye cream.

Every day

Tip #3 Vichy Aqualia Thermal 30 ml

An intense and long-lasting gel cream for normal/combination skin types that provides up to 48 hours of hydration.

97% of the ingredients in Vichy’s Aqualia Thermal gel-cream formula are sourced from a natural origin. The formula, which is enriched with mineral salts, naturally sourced hyaluronic acid and plant sugar mannose, works to lock in moisture and reduce water loss. Suitable for normal/combination skin, the complexion is left feeling dewy, fresh and hydrated for up to 48 hours. Fine lines appear reduced.

Enriched with 15% Vichy mineralizing thermal water. Tested on sensitive skin under dermatological control. Hypoallergenic.

Tip #4 Dior Lip scrub.

All Makeup Artists Know That Healthy, Moisturized Lips Are The Key To Optimal Color Impact. The Latest From Backstage Pros: A Lip Sugar Scrub - An Exfoliating And Nourishing Stick With Grains Of Sugar That Melt Away, For Incredibly Softer Lips And A Naturally Rosy Finish.

The first Dior exfoliating, lip blame with grains of sugar that melt away, leaving lips incredibly softer and naturally glossy, as if metamorphosed. In one sweep and without rinsing, the concentrated "granite" texture gently exfoliates and transforms into a balm as it melts on lips.

With a sweet addictive scent, this on the go scrub stick can be applied any time of the day as often as desired for ultra-soft, smooth and satiny lips.


With A Sweet Addictive Scent, This On The Go Scrub Stick Procures The Benefits Of A Balm With The Bonus Of Exfoliating And Leaving An Incredibly Universal Colour.

In A Single Sweep, The Smile Blossoms With Incredibly Softer, Fresher Lips.


Tip #5 Mac Primer lips

The M.A.C. primer felt like a glossy lip balm as I put it on, but it didn't leave any shine or color. My lips felt as hydrated as they did with the lip balm (the primer contains vitamin E).

After douce, day/night - 3 available products.

Tip #6 Pupa Super cream hydratation

Body, face, hand and hair moisturizing cream. 350ml.


Bionike Multi-active moisturisation fluid.

Handy to use, rapidly absorbed by skin, combines intensive and long-lasting skin hydration with anti-pollution and anti-free radical protection, leaving skin fresh and soft, regardless of the weather and period of the year.


Chanel N5. The body cream. Inspired by the silky harmony of Rose and Jasmine that composes N°5, the body cream was formulated as a soft and sensual way to enjoy the floral bouquet of N°5.

Apply generously and massage in with the palm of your hand as an enveloping and moisturizing step within your N°5 fragrance ritual.

Chanel Chance. Body satin.

A light, fresh, non-oily, alcohol-free lotion. The lotion is rapidly absorbed, leaving behind an imperceptible moisturising film. Skin is moisturised*, soft and supple, and intensely fragranced with CHANCE. Contains derivatives of vitamin E and C, known for their anti-free radical properties. Square, faceted outer top, banded with silver. 200 ml cylindrical plastic translucent bottle, pale pink in colour. Apply to dry skin, after bathing or showering.

Every Night

Tip #7 Shiseido Waso beauty sleeping Mask.

Harnessing over 145 years of Japanese beauty wisdom, Shiseido’s extensive array of make up and skin care is the perfect way to embrace all things ‘J-Beauty’, so we thought it was about time we ushered in an expertly curated selection. For beautifully dewy, hydrated skin when morning comes around (no matter how late a night you’ve had!) this overnight leave-on gel mask stars vitamin C and E capsules that melt upon application, plus phytoplankton extract to plump and revitalise. Like a full night’s sleep in a jar, this is the secret to a radiant, refreshed and well-rested visage.

Every weekly

Tip #8 Lancôme Advanced genifique hydrogel melting sheet mask.

A hydrogel sheet mask that gives skin instant radiance, smoothness, and plumpness in as little as ten minutes.

Instantly plump, glow, and smooth skin with this hydrogel sheet mask, which feels like the mask is melting onto skin for a flexible, cocooned feeling. This mask, which contains cult-favorite Advanced Genifique serum's Bifidus extract, helps to strengthen and protect skin's moisture barrier. Each mask contains the same amount of Bifidus extract found in one full 30ml bottle of Advanced Genifique serum. In as little as ten minutes, skin is left feeling hydrated, and fresher. Skin looks more radiant, fine lines, and pores appear visibly reduced, skin texture appears refined, and skin looks rested for a younger-looking appearance. This sheet mask won't leave skin feeling sticky or shiny.


2019 Elle International Beauty Awards

2019 Her World, Reader’s Choice Best Sheet Mask for Intense Hydration

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