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Causes of Dry Lips

by Your Daily Care (Daily Beauty Tips) 3 months ago in how to

Take care of your lips perfectly.

Dry Lips

Lips are often dry during the winter season, but this is also due to some of your own bad habits. Know which are the reasons due to which lips become dry and lifeless.

Everyone likes pink lips, but in the winter, these pink and soft lips get torn, black, lifeless and dry lips. It is not just the cold that is responsible for making the lips dry. Causes of dry lips also occur due to some of your own habits. Many times, drinking less water also causes lip dryness. Lips are cracked. The unhealthy diet also makes the lips dry. Apart from this, some of your mistakes also dry the lips to a great extent.

Some people have a habit of repeatedly touching their lips with the tongue. If you think that this will keep the lips moist, then you are wrong. Lips become even more dry by this habit. The enzymes present in Saliva damage the skin of the lips. To maintain the moisture of the lips, apply a good quality lip balm.

Apply more lipstick: Applying more lipstick also makes lips dry. Some women apply lipstick in a dark coat. If you can't live without lipstick, then apply lip balm on your lips first. Doing this will not dry lips. Chemicals present in lipstick damage the skin of lips. If you want, you can also apply moisturizing lip balm.

Poor quality lip balm: Always buy lip balm of good quality. Do not use drawing agents which are present. These artificial fragrances damage the lips as well as make them dry. Applying moisture based lip balm containing Shea and Cocoa butter will keep the lips moist.

Do not apply sun-protection: It is not that the rays of the sun only harm the skin, it also has a bad effect on your lips. To protect the lips from the harmful rays of the sun, apply sun-protection cream or lotion on the lips as well.

Tips to avoid dry lips

  • Lips are also dried by not drinking water. There are cracks and crusts in it. In this case, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Must also drink fruit juice. Avoid drying the lips when the lips are dry.
  • Take care of the quality of whatever lip products are used to apply on the lips. Use almonds or jojoba oil. This will also make lips pink and soft.
  • Lips also become dry and cracked due to lack of nutrients. Take healthy diet so that there is no shortage of nutrients.
  • Applying indigenous ghee also reduces lip eruption. Massage the lips with ghee. It increases blood circulation and removes the problem of lip rupture.

Contract The Lips According to the season

In addition to various problems in winter, cracked lips is one of the problems. Almost everyone from young to old suffers from this problem. In winter, the lips actually dry out repeatedly. Although lip balm provides temporary relief from this problem, it is not permanent. But there are different ways to get rid of this problem at home.

🌑Water consumption should not be reduced due to winter laziness. Adequate amount of water, fruits and vegetables should be eaten. This will get the nutrients from inside the body to the lips. The lips also need hydration like the skin of the body. If you are not careful, you may feel tightness in the lips in winter as well as cracked skin and blood may come out.

🌑When the moisture of the skin decreases in winter, the skin becomes dry. At the beginning of winter, good quality petroleum jelly or glycerin should be applied around the lips and lips. Always keep lip gel with those who are more out.

🌑Wetting the lips with the tongue after a while increases the tendency of the lips to crack, so this cannot be done. Sour fruits reduce vitamin-C deficiency and keep the skin healthy. In addition, lip balm rich in vitamin E can be used to protect the beauty of the lips and prevent chapped lips.

There are also some things to do to prevent chapped lips:

  • Use less lipstick
  • Darker lipstick makes lips darker, so use lighter lipstick.
  • Lip Ice can be used instead of lipstick
  • Keep soap away from the lips
  • Lemon juice mixed with milk can be applied on the lips to remove the darkening of the lips and bring a pink tinge.
  • Even if the lips are cracked, the skin cannot be lifted
  • Mix of glycerin and lip gel can be used to prevent chapped lips.

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