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My Broke B*$#@ Beauty Skincare Rituals That REALLY Work

Broke B Beauty

FACE (a.k.a. the hostest with the mostest).

Makeup Remover| Klorane

This facial makeup remover was recommended to be by my own mother whilst I was in a psych ward (ha... ha... follow my profile on here for updates on that, coming soon). It came to me in a time of NEED; metaphorical and physical: It was nice to be gifted a care package with something as awesome as THIS in it; and also—my skin desperately NEEDED it. I hadn’t put the work in on my face for the entire time I was there up until this part—I figured: If I FEEL crazy, I may as well let my skin grey away at the mere age of 25 and LOOK crazy as well.

This stuff is radical and totally to die for. First, there’s the SCENT. I have never been so pleased with a scent in my entire life, and I have a serious SHRINE of Bath and Body Works candles closed off (basically with yellow caution tape) to separate the difference between makeup; skincare, and the otherworldly SCENTS in my room (the usual). It’s made with organically formed cornflower and spells just like its claim. It literally smells like cornflower and lilac got together and had a baby and this baby is clearly baby Jesus in the name of the makeup removers’ game. I also love how effective it is: I leave a fresh and clean makeup removing pad on my eye with a tiny bit of it on for 20 seconds then start gracefully rubbing and the amount of makeup that comes off in one swipe—it’s just UNBELIEVABLE! It’s also safe for sensitive eyes, so bonus if you’re like me and every makeup remover oil, butter, liquid, and its grandma don’t work for you—I PROMISE you this one will!

The best part: It says it’s just for eyes, but it gets the job done for your ENTIRE face, and that’s another promise from me to you.

Makeup Removing Pads| Joe Fresh

I’m not gonna go on about these—because they’re makeup removing pads—but the point IS that you can pay approx. two dollars CAD for makeup removing pads, instead of Shiseido ones that do the same exact thing for $50 mill (or that’s how it feels when I decide to be extra and look at my bank account the next day).

Cleanser| Clean and Clear Hydrating Burst Cleanser

I’ve been using this when times are ROUGH since about eight years old (not. kidding.). Back then, however, it was all I knew before I discovered The Magical Kingdom 2.0: Sephora. But to this very day, I remain OBSESSED with its hydration property, its lather, its everything. It contains bursting bead technology, which is a fancy way of saying the beads are bad for the environment but good for your skin (seriously—don’t let this cleanser go down your sink, if that’s at all possible—SAVE THE TURTLES)! It claims to wake you up which it DEFINITELY gets the job done on this one—because it feels so cold and hydrating to the face—you feel refreshed and like a new and changed woman! It contains cucumber extract and this works as a catalyst to boost your skin’s moisture barrier. I wish I could compare it to a high end product but they really don’t fit this one’s quality standards. Or quantity, because a little goes a long way. Plus, who doesn’t like bead to lather technology?!

Razor (if you’re like me and into that kind of thing)| Walmart Spinning Facial Shaver

I shave my face. There are so many mixed opinions on this. Doesn’t this make your hair thicker in the end? Doesn’t it leave your face feeling like Ron Stoppable’s naked mole rat Rufus? Isn’t this NOT safe? The answer to all these questions is NO, if you have the proper materials. NEVER Nair your face, no matter what beauty gurus tell you (I’ve had a BAD experience—It may or may NOT cause temporary redness for days on end—not MY tool though). I’ve re-upped on this product MULTIPLE times for how fast I go through ‘em. But if you don’t shave your face once a week, you should be able to utilize it for many months at a time. The shaver I use is the Walmart Spinning Facial Shaver. It’s a spinning shaver, which is good because you can get to the follicle of the hair without hurting yourself BADLY, because the technology does the work for you so that you don’t have to worry about shaving a chunk of your cheek off. And it’s the most gentle technology. My skin has been complimented 10 times more after using this every week for a year. Never changing or trying out another facial shaver again!

Serums | (Overnight): Pixi Overnight Glow Serum

This overnight serum is made with hyaluronic acid, so it’s VERY important if you use this every night (which I don’t recommend—I recommend using it two to three times a week) to apply sunscreen over your moisturizer when the following daybreak hits your bare skin (literally BARE—if you use the shaving method above^). Other than that, it’s the best semi-inexpensive overnight serum I’ve ever used. It deconstructs the dead skin cells in the overnight REM sleep process, and leaves you literally GLOWING. Seeing as it does this, it’s no surprise to you now that it leaves your skin feeling soft, refreshed, and ready to conquer the day! It’s also no surprise then that it leaves more room to work with makeup or BB cream thereafter with a more youthful appearance overall, thanks to the beautiful canvas that is your face (repairs damage and diminishes dark spots, wrinkles, and age spots—it’s the skincare version of Garnier haircare). Feel the softness of your face after one nightly use and thank. me. later!

Ironically enough, next up is:

Moisturizer| Garnier SkinActive Hydrating Cream—with Aloe leaf juice (annnnd it’s a night cream AND a mask)! (Alternative to this would be coconut oil if you really BROKE broke.)

The first and foremost BEST thing about utilizing this bad boy is that it’s 97% derived from natural ingredients, that it’s Vegan, and no animals were hurt in the making! Now that we got that out of the way for many fellow pet owners out there—let me just say: WOW. This changed my skin for the better. It’s a three-in-one that actually gives you what is promised of it! It hydrates you for daily use, it refreshes skin’s protective barrier overnight deeply, and if left on for 10 minutes then washed off, you can use it as a mask! Then once washed off you can apply more and head to work or bed. Need I say MORE??

Sleeping Mask| Korean Facial Sleeping Mask (six to seven uses)!—Any Pharmaprix or Walgreens

No matter how much money I’m making at the time, if I pass by a drugstore—this is lodged into my oversized cart! It uses asian techniques, and we all know and must agree on the fact that their skin is the most aesthetically pleasing—since Jesus himself walked this earth! Its smell can overpower any candle or releasing scent-wax for your home, but in a VERY good way. Every time I use this, the following day my face feels so soft it’s incredible. It feels so hydrating because you can feel the coldness on your face—it’s like you’re permanently (or for however long you USE it) wearing a hydration sheet mask to bed!

Basic B*sh Daytime Face Mask| Watermelon mask Pharmaprix

This is my fave for my face OF ALL TIME!!! Firstly, when you wear it you HAVE a watermelon on your face, and who DOESN’T want to add a snapchat filter to that? Plus it gets the job done and that’s FOR SURE. It leaves your skin feeling silky after just one use! Buy it—it’s $4.99 CAD and takes 435,974,958 years off your face! It’s a blessing in disguise in aisle three of any drugstore.

Sunscreen| SUNTHERA3 30 SPF

What I love about this sunscreen is that it is a spray sheer mist: Essentially in English that means it can be used over makeup as a setting spray AND sunscreen. It’s way lower priced, but a dupe for the Shiseido 50 SPF spray that just goes for about 11 million dollars. I spray this in my hands and apply it after moisturizer and eye care even—ALL. OVER. THE. FACE! And when I need a boost of hydration plus sun protection, I spray this bad boy over my makeup throughout the day—like as if it were thermal water! Other benefits: cheap; water/sweat resistant, Hypoallergenic/derm tested, quick and easy coverage, and the most important one for ANY skin type: NON-GREASY!!!


Eye cream: L’oreal Eye Cream (pink one)

This eye cream is a dupe for the Biotherm Aqua-Source eye cream in that it hydrates, penetrates the eye area deeply, and leaves your undereye and eye contour area very brightened; but mainly, it FEELS amazing. It feels like ice cubes directly applied to your eye area but in the best way possible(?!). Trust me on this one.


Vaseline (Aloe)

This shiz is just GOOD, OK?! You’ll see.

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