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Blocking, falling bloating obviously subsided, refreshed after practice, two conscious out-of-body experiences!

The body's mind

By danielkmay jhPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Reader 1: the teacher cried bitterly again during practice today. In the past, I reported that my nose was sore every time I held my breath, which was the kind of feeling that I wanted to cry, but because the time of holding my breath was short, I didn't feel sour at the beginning of my next breath. I couldn't help crying after holding my breath today, and I couldn't keep breathing at all, so I began to cry when I was at the heart and throat chakra. When I came to the eyebrow chakra, I felt that I could not cry, so I continued to follow the rhythm. Later, when I meditated, I felt that I wanted to cry but I felt that I could not cry. Did I vent my subconscious negative emotions? in fact, in my daily life, I think I have nothing to suffer from. I feel that I have let go of the pain. Now I don't know what I'm crying about. I can only think of it as a negative emotion that I am not aware of from the bottom of my heart.

Reader 2: Hello, generous teacher! May I ask you to report on the progress of breathing exercises:

1. There were two out-of-body experiences during this period, one of which appeared hanging upside down in the air, and the second time I saw the world a little clearer and more colorful. I believe it will become clearer and clearer.

3, there are a lot of distractions in meditation, and after being aware of it, it can be adjusted back to purity as soon as possible, indicating that the previous excessive use of the brain and the intention to lock the energy collection in the eyebrow center chakra is also a temporary method.

4. Today, I can feel the coherent integration of exhalation and inhalation, and I feel refreshed after practice. However, during practice, I feel that the lower abdomen is naturally tightened, and the anal lifting force will be reduced, whether it can be partially tightened when relaxing, but still does not affect the overall relaxation.

At the beginning of the practice, the speed of consciousness can not keep up, but now it is getting better and better, more and more clear and comprehensive, and sometimes even can imagine the rotation of the chakra, it seems that the exchange of energy is more and faster, is it the right direction?

Thank you and pay tribute to the generous teacher!

Reader 3: record: some time ago, when I stood at the stake every morning, I practiced abdominal breathing for a while, and I practiced chakra breathing in the afternoon. It was easy to get distracted with the recording, and I didn't follow the recording to concentrate. The more I focused on the chakra, the better the effect. The parietal chakra has a sense of opening and closing, and more blockage can be felt in the abdomen, chest and shoulder blades. The usual abdominal breathing can be more natural and transparent, but you still need to pay attention to it. When there are no distractions, the breathing will naturally grow. Take at least one or two breaths per minute during meditation, usually 13 to 14 times per minute, heartbeat less than 70-July 8

Reader 5: teacher, I feel much better these days, and there is no obvious discomfort when I sleep on my back. After the practice of breathing and meditation, the previous "cloud fengshui" was diluted, and the energy did not pay much attention to the left, and began to gather, expand, and flow in the middle of the body. around the body was a clear aura like water, and the eyes were very bright and blind, flickering and dim, and the bright part was a light yellow.

In this way, after a little longer time (about 30 minutes), the energy will come out from the top of the head several times and press down from the left and right sides or around it, and the undersea chakra and legs will be heavy and painful, and the legs will be loosened. My meditation ability is back to before liberation. This is a problem. I feel that both single and double plates are the same. I am more accustomed to double plates, which are symmetrical.

Teacher, I feel that breathing is really effective. I practice it 3 or 4 times a day, as far as possible 2 times in a row. The blockage and falling distension faded obviously.

All the ways to recuperate the body are essentially to help the interior of the body calm down!

What is a disease-free reaction, physical and mental three levels, very deep!

A great breathing method, a powerful breathing technique, contains these 8 details!


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