Anhesti Hair and Scalp Refresher

by Faline Kay Frost 11 months ago in hair

Your hair deserves wonderful things to happen to it.

Anhesti Hair and Scalp Refresher

Today I want to touch onto something very specific out of a wonderful line of products. The line is Anhesti Haircare and its creator is Lorri Weisen. She has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, she is an aspiring author, a public speaker, an Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Holistic Health Coach, former stylist, and salon owner. If you have a second, you should read her story.

The product I’m focusing in on is the Anhesti Haircare Eternity hair and scalp refresher spray. The reason I mention it is because I’ve had a long standing relationship with dry shampoo, and this is meant to do the same thing sort of, but really it’s a whole different ballgame. Let me start off by saying: this stuff is WET. It says micro-spray, and it is absolutely a micro-spray but that does not change the fact that if you’re spraying it onto your dry hair, it is going to make it damp. This is not a bad thing, but I will say I think this is better suited for people with thicker or curly hair. Curly and thick hair can usually absorb and handle more moisture, my hair is thick and barely wavy and I am straddling the line of this product being too much for me. That being said, I love it.

I love it mostly because there’s something about it being wet that actually makes it refresh WAY better than powder dry shampoos. I also love it because it provides a bit of a grit (Not actually but so to speak) in my hair so if I’m in my second/third/or fourth day, it’s a 1000 times easier to get my hair into a style because of the texture this stuff gives. This is why I use this product mostly for styling my and other’s hair rather than just a refresher like common dry shampoos. Just like it says in the product description, this stuff is NOT a shampoo replacement. You will still absolutely have to shower and wash your hair. If you do want to use it in place of the dry shampoo, that’s where it can get a little tricky. You NEED a towel since you’re going to be manually lifting dirt off your scalp. You NEED a hairbrush since after you’re done scrubbing, you’ll want to brush your hair back down from the tumbleweed mess you just created. You also MIGHT need a hairdryer, but for the sake of this being as minimalistic as possible, we’ll focus on getting this done with out one.

  1. Part your hair in the sections you want to “clean.”
  2. You want to hold this three to four inches from your scalp, as per instructions. (I actually hold it further, just as far and my hand can reach.)
  3. Spray where you part.
  4. Take your towel, gently rub the sprayed part until it’s more dry than damp. Like I mentioned, the hair will have a bit of texture to it in that area.
  5. Repeat in all the sections you like and brush hair out to finish. (I also give the mids and ends one quick all over spritz, mostly to match the texture of the roots and sort of give a pick me up to the rest of my hair.) You can also give your roots a quick blow-dry if you so choose, it helps with making your roots look squeaky clean but it does involve another tool and can be a bit more time consuming.

To sum up, I recommend this as a “dry shampoo” to thick and curly haired people more so than fine haired people. However, I will say that if you have fine haired you want to try this anyway, I think you should! I would focus on using it as a styling agent more so that a dry shampoo though. I find this gives an absolutely wonderful texture for braiding or perfect ponytails, or messy buns. I love the smell of it as well, it’s really not at all overpowering but fresh and I’ve gotten many compliments on the way my hair smells.

Let me know if you use this on your hair and if you love it like I do, or if you’re having problems with it, I might be able to help!

How does it work?
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