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All About Gua Sha: Facial Massaging & Rolling

by Michala 2 years ago in skincare
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How beneficial is Gua Sha for your skin?

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With the help of the internet, social media, and blog posts, it is not hard to discover trending beauty and skin care practices. If you follow beauty gurus and read the latest skin care blogs, I’m sure you are familiar with facial massages by using gemstones and crystal rollers. Although this technique may appear to be new to you, this technique has been around for decades. The popularity of facial massages as seen by facial masseuses, makeup artists, estheticians, and YouTubers has helped resurface an ancient skin care practice. This healing technique is called Gua Sha.

The Origin of Gua Sha

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese traditional medical skin care practice that uses stones and crystals to gently scrape and massage skin. The act of Gua Sha is used to reactivare stagnant energy in skin by removing mucus, sinus pressure, skin clogging, and inflammation within your body. The rolling and scraping techniques rids the skin of stagnant energy locked in skin that causes puffiness.

It aims to relieve facial pressure of toxins, pain, and mucus. It is a calming practice that is great to do before bedtime or before meditating. The gentle movements of the tools across cheekbones, temples, jaw, chin, forehead, and eyelids will relieve facial pressure and inflammation underneath skin. With practice, your skin will experience overall improvements of increased blood flow, circulation, even skin tone, and skin tightness.

Tools & Materials

The Gua Sha stone is usually made from a natural element or gemstone. It has curved edges and it is used on the cheekbones, jaw, chin, and forehead.

Gua Sha tools in various gemstones, crystals, and materials.

Face rollers made from crystals are another tool used to practice Gua Sha. This tool is used on temples, cheeks, foreheads, and around the eyes and nose.

An Amythest facial roller.

Rose quartz and jade are common stones used to practice the Gua Sha technique. Rose quartz is a natural element made up of magnesium, iron, sodium, and oxygen. This material is great for reducing wrinkles. Jade is a crystal that is claimed to have healing properties. This stone can help to detoxify skin and strengthen skin cells for improved circulation.

How to Practice Gua Sha

Step 1: Clean skin and tools.

Make sure your face and tools are clean before starting. Gently washing your tools with soap and water — or even your face wash — is a great way to ensure cleanliness. It is always a good idea to research if the ingredients within the soap or face wash are safe to use on your tools.

Step 2: Hydrate your skin.

Apply moisturizer to skin. Facial gels, creams, and oils work great.

Step 3: Gently scrape and roll tools on skin.

A jade Gua Sha tool gently scraping across the face in an outwards motion.

Gently scrape the stone and facial roller in an upward and outward motion. Use the Gua Sha stone on cheekbones, jaw, chin, and forehead in an outwards motion. The facial roller has a large and small stone for different parts of your face. Use the larger part on your cheeks and forehead. Use the smaller part on your temples, around the eyeand nose areas.

Step 4: Do for 5-10 minutes.

Do these movements for five to 10 minutes once a day. Repeat this step every day as a part of your calming, nightly skin care routine.

Pro tip: Set your clean tools in your freezer overnight. The coolness of the tools really works to improve circulation of the skin. It will decrease the size of your pores, even out your skin tone, and tighten skin elasticity.

Is Gua Sha Beneficial to Skin?

This technique can cure headaches and sinus pressure by targeting painful areas to alleviate pain and increase blood flow. Practicing Gua Sha regularly will improve skin circulation and relieve any facial pressure overtime. Although this technique shows skin improvements, the act of Gua Sha alone will not ultimately cure or rid of inflammation issues. Other practices such as cupping, professional facial massages, and talking with an esthetician are better ways to experience a precise solution to the root of inflammatory pain.


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