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Acne Prone Skin?

by laura chavez about a year ago in skincare
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I am not a dermatologist, please be careful..

Acne Prone Skin?
Photo by Rayia Soderberg on Unsplash

Hello! How are we all on this wonderful day? I would like to introduce myself as a person that has dealt with horrible skin my whole teen and adult life. I would like to share an experiment I have decided to start. Okay so what is this experiment you may ask, I decided to stop using a facial cleanser!!!!! WHAT??! Yes, this may seem kind of gross or may have you thinking that my skincare routine lacks a little something. I love my skin just as everyone should, however I always seemed to struggle with texture, acne and scarring.

Can you relate? Okay so here's the deal I discovered apple cider vinegar back when all the health fads came into play. I started by drinking it after doing some online research of the detoxifying properties it may have. The thing is that as many websites told me that apple cider vinegar was good for my health, many websites said that there is no scientific proof. What I can tell you is that ingesting apple cider vinegar mixed with water did make me feel healthier, during this time I also discovered that this magical health food could also be applied to skin.

Apple cider vinegar is said to be super cleansing, healing properties. Turns out this is actually very useful, my skin always feels smoother and plump. I use apple cider vinegar that has something called "the mother" this means there's bacteria in it. This bacteria is good and the nutrients that this "mother" provides are sorts of enzymes. Listen closely I am a person that is quite open to trying new things.

Please do your own research before taking any advice from someone that is not a professional. I only used this method for a couple of days before forgetting about it but let me tell you, I need to try this again. I noticed that my lack of discipline proved to me that somehow this cleansing routine had made an impact. My skin now is very dry and is not being very nice to me at this moment. The apple cider vinegar had helped my breakouts!

I have had acne for year so honestly at this point this skin condition is a part of me and I truly cannot be bothered to spend hundreds of dollars on dermatologists. I have come to term with my skin but I figured if i tried something and it worked, maybe I should share it. My recommendation is to do a patch test, and if you have sensitive skin maybe don't try this at all. Sensitive skin needs to be evaluated to make sure you receive the right products. I don't consider myself to have sensitive skin and I truly don't mind looking a bit scary at times.

If you have a skincare routine stick with it, if you like dabbling in natural medicine this might be for you. I cannot stress enough that skin is your biggest organ and you should take care of it as well as you can. Always do extensive research in natural medicine, natural medicine is not always backed by medical professionals but there are many great remedies. I love living natural! If you come across this feel free to comment and maybe educate others and myself on this topic. I can only speak from experience and I hope that everyone knows that one persons outcome will not be the same for others. Lastly, I must say acne is very normal and you should never feel that this defines you, love yourself and look beyond the surface. The soul is what matters.


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laura chavez

hi I am a simple young woman trying to find he way. I love writing so here i am!

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