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A Frustrated Girl's Guide to Curling Hair

The key to hair care instead of hair scare

By Samantha ParrishPublished about a year ago 3 min read

We've all heard it before, Practice makes perfect...but the truth is you can practice all you want, but everyone's hair type won't easily acclimate to the "flawless curls" you see on social media.

True, once you learn it, it does make a difference in the hair styling routine... but those tutorials don't put in the description box if it works for all hair types.

Let me introduce my hair type: Thick hair with so much oil residue that builds up in less than 24 hours. It's basically Cousin Itt mixed with Daryl Dixon. It's not pretty.

My hair is often called flawless with the way I style it. I also had to practice, but my regime took more than just practice. I had to understand the changes to my hair as I got older. I noticed the increasing amount of oils building up in my hair as well as the hair brushing habits.

When I "perfected" my hair curling routine to have a second-day or third-day waves. If I saw one piece of hair that wasn't as tight of a curl as the others, OH it would drive me crazy to an indescribable degree. But I had to realize that I was getting anxious about something that no one would notice except for me. It was my hair and I could do what I want, but I also had to make it so that the anxiety for my hair wasn't going to control me.

If there is anyone that knows what that microscopic anxiety is like that gets undermined when someone doesn't see it through your eyes, you'll get what I mean.

Like Hannah Montana says, You get the best of both worlds. So here is my methods for those out there that want perfect hair that appeases to their anxiety.

Now before I share my hair secret, please know I am not a professional cosmetologist. I'm just someone that watched copious amounts of hair-curling tutorials and just wants to have fun with my hair.

Be selective on what you re-curl.

We all wish that our hair can mane-tane the same style the next day (GOD WHAT A DREAM). But just like how Cinderella's spell lasted for a short amount of time, so does the hair styling. The trick here is to utilize what is left of that glass slipper that is still there, and yes, I do mean your second-day waves are the glass slipper.

Here's a little tiny tip for you, and this is optional. But what I have done to fix my second-day waves to have a tighter appearance, I did the underside of my hair and the sides of my hair. The curl will fall out naturally, and it'll fall within the middle section of your hair. You can also twist the freshly re-curled pieces with your middle second and that makes everything fall into place.

Here is some proof

See, a freshly curled piece with the other loosed waves?


You see what I mean how curling just a few pieces just rejuvenates your hair to make it look like it did the first time you styled it? And you barely had to do anything! it all just fell into place.

P.S. PRO TIP - Flexible hair spray will be your best friend, I would highly recommend getting some of that. It's the best primer for hair to use before curling, after curling, and for maintaining second or third-day waves!

What it comes down to my loves is that if it bothers you, re-curl it. It's your hair, it's your life, it's your beauty routine. Do what is best for you! I would hope this tiny tip does give some reassurance to have a fresh new hairdo without losing time to redo your hair. Give some credit to your hair that it does have a lot of resilience.

But I also want to say this last piece for some comfort. Every day is not going to be a perfect hair day, hair doesn't always cooperate like we want it to. But that's why God invented tomorrow, so you have another chance to have your hair the way you want it to. That's something I've had to keep in mind to appease my anxiety about having bad hair days.

Have fun with your hair but don't forget to be kind and gentle to it so you can get the best out of it! Your hair is an extension of yourself, you need to take care of it like you take care of yourself.

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