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8 photos of good-looking poses

"Scissor hands" do not swing

By GonzagaPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
8 photos of good-looking poses
Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash

The holidays are coming, many babies have begun to plan to go out to travel, go out to take pictures, then the problem comes, go out to play will not take pictures, will only pose "scissor hands" how to do, today I will teach you 8 hand pose, so you go out to take pictures not to pose embarrassing "scissor hands ", very simple posture so that you take out of the photo, a better than a good-looking.

1, sideways hands in front of the body

When taking pictures, you can make yourself like the model below, pose a sideways pose, and then smile and look at the camera, hands do not pose scissors hands so that their hands are naturally slightly raised, placed in front of their bodies, natural look especially simple and good-looking, very temperament.

2, hand-holding props interactive

Do not let your hands empty when taking pictures, hands have nothing to do, it is easy to pose with scissors hands, you can let your hands hold props, and you can eat and drink. Interaction up, let yourself be playful and cute so that the photos taken are also particularly natural and beautiful.

3, raise your hand to block the sun

Take pictures outside, if the sun is too strong, it is easy to lead to poor photo effects, and unnatural character performance, such as squinting or shady face, at this time, you can let yourself raise your hand to pose for a hand blocking the sun.

This can not only play the effect of shading but also relieve the embarrassment of scissor hands, especially simple and good-looking.

4, hand backward leaning

In some places and fences, places with railings, you can let yourself lean to take pictures, not with the body leaning, but with hands leaning back so that your body can be more relaxed, chest and belly show a good body at the same time, the effect will also look better.

5, handheld skirt

Girls go out to take pictures, many times will wear beautiful skirts, this time to take pictures, you can also let their daily hands will only pose scissor hands, switch to mention their skirt, mention the skirt, smile to look at the camera, so more than natural temperament, but also make the hand pose better.

6、Tidy up your head

Let your hands have something to do, you will not pose with scissors hands, you can let yourself pretend that the hair is very messy, and raise your hands to organize the hair, such a pose is very nourishing and pleasant, simple and beautiful.

When fixing your hair, if you match some light and expression, it will be even more beautiful.

You can also just simply grab their hair, pretend to organize, also as natural and beautiful, so do not pose scissors pose, you get it.

7、Hands up high

I do not know if you find when taking pictures, hands up high, can see that they are very happy to state, and this pose, especially suitable for use when taking pictures outside, to avoid scissor hands at the same time can also make themselves look particularly natural and comfortable.

Standing when taking pictures, hands up high, but also to play the effect of elongating the height, the same simple and good-looking.

8, and the surrounding environment interaction

Do not pose with scissors hands, encounter the environment is relatively beautiful, such as flowers, grass, and trees, you can let yourself raise your hand and such a beautiful environment interaction, you can pretend not to know the existence of the camera, so the interaction is very natural and beautiful.

Can also take good-looking things, standing in front of such an environment, looking at the camera to take pictures, and can be shot naturally beautiful Oh.

The above is the 8-hand photo pose brought to you today, "scissor hands" is not unattractive, but it is recommended that you do not pose, these hands pose, in fact, a simple than one, but the effect of shooting is particularly good-looking, it is recommended that you learn.

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