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7 Nigerian Celebrities Who Look Completely Different After Shaving Off Their Dreadlocks.

by Jide Okonjo 2 months ago in celebrities

The difference is wild!

7 Nigerian Celebrities Who Look Completely Different After Shaving Off Their Dreadlocks.

The difference is wild!

In Nigeria, a man wearing dreadlocks is still very much seen as a sign of irresponsibility, a rugged lifestyle, etc. While it is just a hairstyle and a lot of the time, the person rocking it only does it because they find is stylish, it is still one of those things that can completely change the way a person looks.

What is always more interesting to see is how different people then look when they choose to completely shave off the dreadlocks. A lot of the time, it causes the person in question to have a fresher, younger, more “innocent” look…and sometimes that just isn’t the case.

Today, I thought it’d be fun to count down 7 Nigerian Celebrities Who Looked Completely Different After They Decided To Shave Off Their Dreadlocks. Are you ready to see these transformations? Then let’s go!

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1. Rema

Nigerian singer Rema in solidarity with the #EndSARS protest and in response to the way that people with dreadlocks are so often wrongfully categorized as criminals, decided to completely shave off his very iconic dreadlocks.

The difference is striking!

2. Praise Nelson

Big Brother Naija contestant, Praise entered into the Big Brother house with very full dreadlocks. It became a fast and easy way to identify the BBNaija housemate from a crowd. However, when he left the house, he came unto social media to surprise fans with a huge change – his dreadlocks were gone and the difference is undeniable.

3. Faze

In the early 2000s, ‘Kolomental’ singer Faze was one of the artistes that really popularized this plaited hair style on men. However, as time went on it looks like the singer outgrew the look which he popularized and has now gone for the more traditional low cut style.

4. Victor Moses

Victor Moses was always instantly recognized on the soccer pitch because of his tied up dreadlock hairstyle. The professional footballer however took clipper to scalp and got completely rid of the famous dreadlocks. He too now spots a tame regular lowcut with a fade and the difference is clear.

5. Teddy A

Another Big Brother Naija contestant who entered the Big Brother house with a unique hairstyle was popular contestant Teddy A whose signature dreads fit perfectly with his image as a singer and made him stand out in a crowd. However, after the singer left the house, fans were surprised to see him get rid of the famous dreads and opt for a more simple hair cut which also suits him perfectly.

6. Timaya

‘Dem Mama’ singer Timaya has been known for several times during his career deciding to plait his hair and wear dreadlocks. Timaya is one singer that goes in and out of the hairstyle as he pleases. Either way he goes, the veteran singer always looks good and can pull off any look.

7. Solidstar

Another Nigerian celebrity who was iconically known for his dreads was none other than singer Solidstar. The singer surprised fans when he posted pictures unto social media with his dreads completely shaved off.

Again, the difference is so striking.

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Jide Okonjo
Jide Okonjo
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