5 Tips to Get Clear Skin, for Guys

by Owen Lloyd 11 months ago in skincare

Clear up those annoying spots.

5 Tips to Get Clear Skin, for Guys

Spots. Blemishes. Acne. It's something most guys so through for at least 5-10 years whilst they're going through puberty. It was something that was a real nuisance for me personally as well.

I often used to scour the internet looking for how I could get rid of those pesky spots. Some suggested applying toothpaste; others told me to cut out dairy, or recommended some supposedly miracle working spot cream.

Despite my best efforts, the problem persisted. Once I had got rid of one spot, another one popped up 2 cm away.

I had extremely low levels of confidence when I was a teenager, and my struggles with my skin were one of the biggest reasons for this.

Eventually, I found the answers. There was no product or cream which could heal my skin. Poor skin was just a symptom of the way I was living, and was really not a difficult thing to resolve. It is all about our habits and our lifestyle, not the percentage of salicylic acid in our spot treatment.

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Don't wash your face too often.

So, I'm going to start with some more obvious things that are closely related to skin health, and one of those is obviously washing your face.

Granted, we need to wash our faces, but most people do this way too often than is necessary. Personally, I only wash my face with a face wash once every 4-5 days, simply for exfoliation, and I have found that it makes my skin much clearer and much smoother than when I would wash my face once or twice a day.

The reason for this is that washing your face too often actually strips it of the natural oils which are required to protect your skin. If you have a deficiency of these oils, then you'll be much more vulnerable to spots.

Take cold showers.

This is something I'd always recommend to anybody, not just for the skin, but for the long list of benefits taking a cold shower provides for the immune system, circulation, and mood.

Much like washing your face, taking a hot shower strips the face of the natural oils I have previously mentioned. So yeah, it's not great for the skin either.

Drink plenty of water.

The idea behind this one is that drinking water rids the body and the skin of toxins, and can help prevent spots from developing in the first place.

The skin is an organ, so a large proportion of its cells are made up of water. Lack of water to the skin will make it dry and flaky and increase wrinkles.

There remains debate as to how effective this actually is, but it seems to work time and time again for people looking to improve their skin. So give it a try; it can't hurt, it can only be healthy.

Eat your greens.

Pretty obvious. A good diet is always going to be reflected in your skin and body health, and the nutrients provided by greens are some of the most vital for maintaining healthy skin.

You should avoid eating too many fatty and greasy foods, and increase your intake of natural foods. Ever wonder why vegans seem to have glowing skin?

Personally, I take spirulina daily as part of a green smoothie, which has been proven to improve your skin health. Go check it out!

Don't masturbate too often.

Something we hear all the time is that masturbation is healthy and natural, and it can be, but just don't do it too frequently.

I have been a member of the NoFap community for a while now, and it really does have startling benefits in terms of energy, motivation, and confidence.

It is also great for your skin. Semen is actually very, very rich in nutrients, some of which are great for skin health. So, naturally, jerking it every day is going to reduce the amount of these nutrients and vitamins in the body, and your face will show it.

Take all this advice I have discovered through personal experience, and you'll have clear skin, along with a whole host of other benefits, in no time.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a fantastic day!

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