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5 Reasons Why Men Should Invest in Their Skincare Routine

Men Deserve Self-care too.

By Kim Joseph Published about a year ago β€’ 3 min read
Top Story - July 2022
5 Reasons Why Men Should Invest in Their Skincare Routine
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Long gone are the days when men should only use a bar of soap and a few splashes of water to cleanse and nourish their skin and face and get away with having baby smooth, clear skin forever. That may have worked during puberty and early adulthood but as a man matures his skin does too and his skincare routine should evolve and improve. Not sure why this matters? Here are 5 reasons why men should invest in their skincare:

#1 Diet & Nutrition - Have you ever looked at photographs of your grandparents or relatives from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s? Have you ever noticed how smooth and clear their skin was? Even if the pictures were in black and white, their faces were like porcelain with a set of pearly white smiles to match. The perfect ad for all the facial cleanser commercials of today. It was as though blemishes and pimples weren't discovered yet. Not to say that everyone was blessed by an angel with perfect skin, but it is no secret that there are plenty more environmental, dietary, and other forms of toxins that affect our skin and bodies now that were unheard of in the past. It's no surprise that with the addition of preservatives, chemicals and additional "secret" ingredients in our food, beverages and even skin care products that we use on a daily basis these ingredients affect our mood, hormones, health, and the way our body feels on the inside. The effects of these problematic ingredients appear outwardly on our skin in the form of acne, blemishes, eczema, and other skin issues. Drinking water and incorporating leafy greens, more fruits, and other plant-based foods filled with minerals and nutrients in your diet makes a great impact on the overall health and appearance of your skin whether you're a man or woman.

#2 A close friend of mine who is a natural-haired queen told me how she uses some very expensive hair products to tame her curls and maintain their upkeep. Recently, her boyfriend started letting his hair grow out and has been diving into her products leaving the empty jars barren without replacing them with new ones. She sent me pictures of his hair and we had a text thread of jokes about how meticulous his hair process now is. Men! You no longer have to steal your lady's fancy (and sometimes expensive) female-targeted oils and butters. There are now more accessible skin and selfcare products just for men that target your skin's health and moisture and improves your mood in an all-natural (Remember, it's good to get away from those chemicals and secret ingredients we mentioned in #1) way.

#3 Alleviate the issue of ingrown hairs from shaving which causes inflammation, irritation, blemishes, and skin bumps while preserving the appearance and overall condition of your skin by using products that don't have all the excessive chemicals you may find in many mainstream skin products.

#4 A man should have a healthy skin care routine as well as hygiene routine - this makes you more attractive and when you invest in yourself, you can't help but feel good.

#5 Men have testosterone and their facial skin is different from a woman's. Their skin is thicker with smaller pores so they need a product that will penetrate easily. There are many organic product lines that are unisex, but there are also product lines targeted specifically for men. Finding a skin product that is tailored to fit the needs of his skin is a great way for a man to begin taking steps to investing in himself and his skincare.


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  • Abdullahabout a month ago

    I thing h's right man should not invest in his skin

  • Hi we are featuring your excellent Top Story in our Community Adventure Thread in The Vocal Social Society on Facebook and would love for you to join us there

  • Lost in Writing2 months ago

    Yup, I agree on everything. Every now and then she brings me samples for meen but I haven't got into that habit, but I do have other routines for self-care.

  • Sarah D5 months ago

    Nice article!

  • Rilaya8 months ago


  • Awesome Article ❀️✨

  • S.T.Seelan9 months ago

    Certainly very helpful, Thanks a lot dear

  • Chua Yuan Heng10 months ago

    I just use plain water and hope it works in beautifying my skin.

  • Imtiaz Ahmad11 months ago

    That’s great to find something about men only, thanks for your contribution

  • Bri Bazailabout a year ago

    Sending to all of the men in my family. Such a great read.

  • Nikita Brikmanabout a year ago

    Testosterone in men is produced by the glands of the genital organs located in the testicles. Under its action, the development of the organs of the reproductive system and secondary sexual characteristics is enhanced. It stimulates sperm production and is also responsible for sex drive. The hormone helps build muscle and bone mass.

  • Vranes Samahaabout a year ago

    Good writing

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