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5 Reasons GLAUX CHEM®’s Hemp Skinoils are Earth Friendly

by GLAUX CHEM® 2 years ago in skincare
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Summers are hotter, droughts are worse, and the health of our planet is astronomically declining. Are you still using toxic unsustainable skincare products?

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There is nothing sustainable about fossil fuels, increased carbon dioxide production, a warming planet, and a loss of biodiversity. Despite these troubling trends, thousands of beauty product companies still use environmentally unsafe ingredients.

By choosing to shop from companies who stay true to their natural product claims and are concerned about the planet, you are doing your part to keep the earth healthy.

Our founder and chemist, Dr. Kimberly Lincoln, started GLAUX CHEM® because she was tired of choosing between toxic and semi-toxic products. With over 10+ years of experience in synthetic chemistry, she truly understands the meaning of all-natural products.

Along every step of the way, from sourcing raw material to the final products, we keep the planet lively by using pure and sustainable earth-made ingredients. Here are five reasons why GLAUX CHEM®'s hemp skinoils are earth-friendly.

We save water.

Water is a precious resource, and our supply of freshwater is drying up. The Southwestern US is experiencing an extreme drought with snow and rainfall levels at record low and temperatures at record highs.

The scary part is climate models predict this dry and hot trend to continue and worsen as time goes on, which is a direct result of global warming and booming carbon dioxide emissions—yes, climate change is real!

How does water play into skincare products? Well, the average lotion contains around 60% water in the formula. At this percentage, we calculate a 32 oz bottle of lotion has 19.2 oz of water. Making 1 million bottles of lotion a year translates to using 19.2 million oz or 150,000 gallons of water.

The average person in the US uses 101.5 gallons of water per day, and after doing math, would take you 1,477 days or four years to use 150,000 gallons of water. Given there are 300+ million people in the US alone, this calculation is critically low, but you get the idea.

Would you prefer to use lotion or have water for drinking, bathing, and cooking? With GLAUX CHEM®, you do not have to decide because we do not add a single drop of water into our skinoils.

Talk about a win for water conservation.

Photo by GLAUX CHEM®

We do not make toxic by-products during manufacture.

Do you ever wonder what happens during the production of skincare products?

What if we told you every time you purchase a product with synthetic ingredients, such as mineral oil, you directly contribute to the release of gobs and gobs of bad chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) into the environment.

What is so bad about PAHs? Everything! PAHs like naphthalene are promiscuous polluters and present in the air, soil, and water, and are toxic to aquatic life and birds. Since most PAHs are human-made, nature takes eons to break down these chemicals, which leads to bioaccumulation.

What is bioaccumulation? Simply put, bioaccumulation is the buildup of toxic substances in living things over time.

This process is similar to what happens when someone exposes themselves to heavy metals by drinking polluted water. The effect is usually severe neurological problems or even death without medical intervention.

The good news is you can contribute to a healthier planet and reduce the amount of harmful PAHs by supporting earth-conscious companies. Our raw ingredients come from plant sources, and our final products are mixtures of pure plant oils.

No chemical refinements equal zero toxic by-products.

Photo by GLAUX CHEM®

We use hydrocarbon and alcohol-free extract plant seed oils.

Of course, using plant oils in your beauty regime is good for the planet. But how to get the oils is another consideration because making plant oils, whether from the seeds or full-grown plants, happens by a chemical process called extraction.

The main types of extractions are either solvent-based with hydrocarbons like butane or propane, steam-distilled using water, or cold-pressed using pressure. Steam distillation and cold-pressed extraction methods are more eco-friendly than the first method because you do not use hydrocarbons.

Cold-pressed extraction is the best way to get unrefined and nutrient-rich plant oils for your skin. While steam-distillation extracts essential oils, this process is insufficient for carrier oils like hemp and pomegranate.

Why? Because the plant seeds have plentiful amounts of non-volatile omega-fatty acids like linolenic acid and punicic acid, which are heat sensitive. Cold-pressing expels ALL the skin yummies like omega fats, vitamin E, and zinc without using unkind chemicals.

We loathe fossil fuels and vow never to use hydrocarbons.

Photo by GLAUX CHEM®

We use sustainable materials.

The demand for sustainable products is thriving. Consumers who care about the planet have turned away from resource-dwindling oils like palm oil, and for a good reason, because not every organic ingredient is sustainable.

The earth has limited resources, and if we continue the trend of stripping away trees and the rainforest to make palm oil, the health of our planet will further decline.

How can you have both natural and sustainable skincare ingredients? By purchasing products abundant with cold-pressed hemp seed oil. The hemp plant is inarguably one if not the most sustainable plants, with seeds used to make oils, the flowers for medicine, and the stalk for textiles.

Fun fact: another benefit of using hemp oil-based beauty goods is you drive the demand for hemp farming. And the hemp plant is a natural soil purifier able to pull contaminants from the ground.

If you are not sure where to find skincare products loaded with hemp oil, you can start with us. Every GLAUX CHEM® product, from the skin to hair, has hemp.

Hemp, hemp, hooray!

Photo by GLAUX CHEM®

We use earth-friendly ingredients.

Do you ever buy natural or organic skincare products only to find out the ingredient list is full of nasty synthetics like the preservative sodium benzoate?

This situation happens regularly because most consumers do not bother to read skincare product labels, nor do governments hold companies accountable.

If you are not in the habit of reading your product labels, you should be. You would be shocked to know the marketing claims of many natural beauty companies are false advertising.

Other companies allege synthetics are safe to use every day. And those claims are outlandishly false.

Sodium benzoate, for instance, is a known cancer-causing chemical toxic to aquatic life and diminishes their ability to reproduce. Even worse, this nasty bioaccumulates. So sea creatures end up absorbing more and more.

With GLAUX CHEM®, you never have to worry about these issues—every single ingredient is clean and biodegradable, does not pollute the environment, or hurt animals.

No nasties, ever.

Photo by GLAUX CHEM®

Show the planet you care—switch to GLAUX CHEM®’s hemp skinoils.

We understand changing your beauty routine and trying new products is risky business for your skin. But continuing to support companies who drive pollution by supporting the fossil fuel industry and use essential resources like water is perilous.

Our planet has a finite amount of things and human behavior driving climate change and the extinction of species at an unprecedented rate. The future of what we leave future generations depends on your every move.

If you want your kids and grandkids to enjoy winter sports, travel to Africa to see lions, tigers, and elephants, and keep wildlife alive, you must act now to save the planet.

It's one small step for you and one giant leap for earthkind.


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