10 Reasons to Buy an Ipsy Subscription

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10 Reasons to Buy an Ipsy Subscription

In today’s day an age we have 1,000 choices. Especially when it comes to make up! There are subscriptions such as Birchbox, Fit Fab Fun, Sephora Play, Allure Sample Society, and many more. Here are 10 reasons why Ipsy is the subscription you should choose!

1.) Payment

Not only does Ipsy make it easy to pay, but it’s affordable. $9.99 a month for a chance to grow your makeup collection with high end brands. You don’t have to physically make the payment, it’s taken out of your account manually and you can change or cancel your subscription at any time with no hidden fees or issues.

2.) 5 Hand Picked Products

Ipsy has you create a profile when you sign up with them. This profile consists of a beauty quiz where you can specify hair color, eye color, skin color, how comfortable you are with make up, what brands you enjoy, and what kind of products you’re looking for. With the help of this profile, Ipsy hand picks 5 products for you to receive in your glam bag. These products can be sample or full size and there is always a nice variety.

3.) Point System

Ipsy has a point system for rewards. You gain points by getting people to sign up using your link, rating your glam bag, rating your products, and sharing Ipsy on social media. With these points you can add products to your glam bag! Ipsy selects anywhere from 4-7 items to add to their rewards page (they update this page regularly). You can then select as many as you can with the points you have and the items will be added to your next glam bag.

4.) Cash Back Program

Not only does Ipsy reward you with points, but there is also a cash back program. Ipsy works with hundreds of name brand companies and also sells their products. Since you have an Ipsy subscription you can get any where from 5%-75% cash back on any health and beauty product you buy. That’s a steal! They also normally offer free shipping, and occasionally will give you $5 here and there to use for the cash back program.

5.) It’s not just makeup products.

When you fill out your account profile and take the makeup quiz, there is also a section for perfumes, hair care, nail care, skin care, and creams/lotions. This is a top selling point that sets Ipsy apart from the rest. Since you are able to customize your bag, you can tailor it to your specific needs it doesn’t even have to be makeup based.

6.) Articles, Reviews, Tips, and Tricks

When you subscribe to Ipsy, they have a website or an app that you can use. With their user friendly app, they have several ways for you to gain knowledge about new products, feel more confident with makeup, and keep up with the makeup trends. There is a section where it’s just articles, tips, and tricks. These articles explain new trends, makeup tricks, hair tips, how to diversely use a product, what are this seasons top colors and many more. There is also a review section so you can see what other people have said or experienced with products that you may be interested in. Within that section, they normally have a diagram showing you how to use the product.

7.) The Glam Bag

Each month you get not only 5 products but you receive a glam bag. Each glam bag comes with a theme for the month which is explored and celebrated on the Ipsy platforms. Each glam bag is also created by a different artist so no bag ever looks the same. They also have a section giving credit to who designed the bag, and where their inspiration came from for creating the bag. The glam bags are not only great to store your products, they act as cute small on the go bags for feminine hygiene products, they can act as a pencil case to hold your office or school supplies, or you can use them to bag a friend or family member's gift. You receive 12 glam bags a year.

8.) Name Brand Products

These are the companies that work with Ipsy to deliver the best products:

  • 12 Benefits
  • ABLE Cosmetics
  • Absolute New York
  • Adesse New York
  • Air Repair Skincare
  • Akar Skin
  • Alitura Naturals
  • Andalou Naturals
  • APTO Skincare
  • Aquareveal
  • Aromachology
  • Aurora
  • Aveda
  • B.Tan
  • B True Beauty
  • Bang Beauty
  • Barefoot Venus
  • BareMinerals
  • Beau Gâchis Paris
  • Beaute Basics
  • Beauty & Pin ups
  • Beauty Junkees
  • BeautyGarde
  • Beauty For Real
  • Beecause
  • BeFine
  • BelláPierre Cosmetics
  • Better Skin Co.
  • Biobelle
  • Biorace
  • Biorepublic
  • Blaq
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Bodiwerk
  • Botanic Farms
  • Breakups To Makeup
  • Bridgewater Candle Company
  • Briogeo
  • Buff Her House of Exfoliation
  • Bumble and Bumble
  • Buxom
  • Caked Makeup
  • Cal Pharma
  • Callyssee
  • Cane + Austin
  • Catherine Malandrino
  • Catrice Cosmetics
  • Cheeky Physique
  • Chella
  • Ciate
  • City Color Cosmetics
  • clariSEA
  • Clark's Botanicals
  • Clarria Cosmetics
  • Clinique
  • Codage Paris
  • Context Skin
  • Contour Cosmetics
  • Cosmoholic
  • Crown Brush
  • Curlisto
  • Daily Concepts
  • Darphin
  • Deco Miami
  • DefineMe Fragrance
  • Dermadeli
  • DERMAdoctor
  • Dermelect Cosmeceuticals
  • Dermovia
  • Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics
  • Doctor Rogers
  • Doucce
  • Dr. Brandt
  • Eddie Funkhouser
  • Elizabeth Mott
  • Eloise Beauty
  • EM Cosmetics
  • English Laundry
  • Erbaviva
  • Estee Lauder
  • Eu'Genia Shea
  • Eva NYC
  • Evian Facial Spray
  • Eyeko
  • F.A.R.A.H Brushes
  • Farmacy
  • Fatboy
  • Finding Ferdinand
  • Firma Beauty
  • First Aid Beauty
  • Flirt Cosmetics
  • FoxyBae
  • Frank Body
  • FRÉ Skincare
  • Frecipe
  • Furless
  • Gallany Cosmetics
  • Gavée Gold
  • GELlusion
  • Get Into The Limelight
  • GlamGlow
  • Glamour Dolls
  • Glow for a cause
  • Goldfaden MD
  • Grande Lash MD
  • H2O+ Beauty
  • HALEYS Beauty
  • Hanalei
  • Haus of Shades
  • Henry Charles
  • Herbal Transdermal
  • Hey Honey
  • Hikari Cosmetics
  • Hola Neon
  • Honey Belle
  • Honua Hawaiian Skincare
  • IBY Beauty (formerly INSPR)
  • iikonn lashes
  • INIKA Organic
  • Inahsi Naturals
  • Jelly Pong Pong
  • Jersey Shore Cosmetics
  • Jivi
  • JMsolution
  • Jolii Cosmetics
  • Jonteblu
  • Joséphine Cosmetics
  • JUARA Skincare
  • Juice Beauty
  • Kapuluan
  • KAYO Better Body Care
  • kensie
  • Kiesque
  • KINX Cosmetics
  • KIMIKO Beauty
  • Klorane
  • Kokie Cosmetics
  • KVossNYC
  • La Beaute Fatale
  • Lab Series
  • Labotica
  • LAQA & Co.
  • LAW Beauty Essentials
  • Leaders Cosmetics
  • Ling Skincare
  • Liquid Courage Cosmetics
  • Lisa Hoffman
  • Londontown USA
  • Lord & Berry
  • LUE by Jean Seo
  • Luna by Luna
  • Luscious Cosmetics
  • Luxie Beauty
  • LXMI
  • m/f People
  • M.A.D. Skincare
  • MAC
  • MAKE Beauty
  • ManiGuard™
  • Manna Kadar Cosmetics
  • Matcha Obsessed
  • MDMflow
  • Meg Cosmetics
  • Melanie Mills Hollywood
  • Mellow Cosmetics
  • Mèreadesso
  • MicaBeauty
  • MineTan
  • MintPear
  • Minus 417
  • Modicum
  • Moonlit Skincare
  • Nail Medic
  • NailHugs
  • Naked Cosmetics
  • Natalie Fragrance
  • NatureLab Tokyo
  • Nelson j Beverly Hills
  • Neon & Co.
  • No B.S
  • Nomad Cosmetics
  • Not Soap, Radio
  • NOTE Cosmetics
  • NOTE Fragrances
  • Noyah
  • NU Evolution
  • Nudestix
  • Ofra Cosmetics
  • Oleum Vera
  • Origins
  • Ouai
  • Palladio Beauty
  • Palmetto Derma
  • Paula Dorf Cosmetics
  • PEEK Beauty
  • Peony Cosmetics
  • Peter Lamas
  • ph7 Natural
  • Pink Pewter
  • Pinrose
  • Pixi by Petra
  • Plume Science
  • Prescriptives
  • Pretty Woman
  • Preventive Measures
  • Privai
  • Pur Cosmetics
  • Pure Brazilian
  • Purlisse
  • Raw Spirit Fragrance
  • Real Chemistry
  • RealHer
  • Red Cherry Eyelashes
  • Royal & Langnickel
  • SAHI Cosmetics
  • Sand & Sky
  • Say Hello to Sexy Legs
  • Selfie
  • Seraphine Botonicals
  • SHRAY Skincare
  • SKIN & CO Roma
  • Skinvolve
  • Skyn Iceland
  • SLMissGlam
  • Smith & McCain
  • Smashbox
  • So Susan
  • Sonäge Skincare
  • South Sea Skin Care
  • Starlooks
  • Steve Laurant
  • Stroke of Beauty
  • SUGAR Cosmetics
  • Sundays
  • Tarte
  • Temptu
  • The BrowGal
  • The Organic Pharmacy
  • The WARSH Cloth
  • TheCoffeeScrub
  • Tini Beauty
  • ToGoSpa
  • Too Faced Cosmetics
  • Tre'StiQue
  • Trifle Cosmetics
  • Trissola
  • Trophy Skin
  • Trufora
  • Trust Fund Beauty
  • Twila True Beauty
  • Urban Skin RX
  • Vendome Beaute
  • Veneffect
  • Vera Mona
  • Vita Liberata
  • Vow Beauty
  • Wander Beauty
  • Waxing Kara
  • Wild Honey Botanicals
  • Winky Lux
  • Y Not Natural
  • YLLO Beauty
  • Youth To The People
  • Z Skin Cosmetics

9.) Tracking

When your next glam bag is in the works, they have a broken down time line of when it’s being assembled, when it’s in transit, when it’s delivered, and what to look for next. When the glam bag enters the in transit phase there is a button provided to track your glam bag. They provide all the tracking information for you so there is no hassle and it is very convenient.

10.) Growth

It’s the easiest way to grow your products and product knowledge. You get to test 60 different products a year! It allows you to find new favorite products and brands while also throwing in products you’re familiar with. 60 products at $120 a year is an amazing deal that will grow your product collection rapidly without spending a fortune.

In conclusion, Ipsy is just fun! It’s the best subscription out there, with the best prices, and quality products. Feel free to subscribe!

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