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10 Best Cyber Security Companies near Me

Cyber Security Companies near Me

By GurugetsPublished 2 months ago 7 min read

Are you concerned about your online security? Do you want to ensure that your personal information and website are safe from hackers? Do you want to know the best cyber security companies near me? Look no further! This article will list 10 of the best cybersecurity companies in the area. We will also discuss their services, what makes them stand out from the competition, and how you can get in touch with them.

What are the best cyber security companies near me?

Cybersecurity is an ever-growing field as more and more companies are becoming targets for hackers. If your business falls victim to a cyber attack, it's essential to have a cyber security company nearby that can help you take steps to protect yourself. Here are five of the best cybersecurity companies near me:

1. Infoblox

Infoblox is a leading provider of cloud-based cybersecurity solutions. Their products protect organizations from online attacks, data breaches, and malware infiltration. Infoblox can help your business mitigate the effects of a cyber attack and restore operations as quickly as possible.

2. Symantec

Symantec is one of the world’s largest providers of information security solutions, with clients in over 180 countries. They offer a range of products and services to businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to global enterprises. Symantec’s award-winning technologies include Norton Security, Endpoint Protection, IDS/IPS, Threat Intelligence, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Cloud Security and Collaboration Solutions.

3. CyberArk Software Incorporated

CyberArk is a global leader in cloud-based cybersecurity solutions for organizations of all sizes. With over 20 years of experience protecting some of the world's most critical networks, CyberArk provides customers with effective threat detection and response capabilities combined with comprehensive protection layers, including antivirus software, firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS/IPS.

Cybersecurity is a growing industry that businesses need to invest in to stay ahead of the curve. Many cyber security companies near me, but which are the best?

When choosing a cyber security company, some factors include experience, certifications, and customer reviews.

Here are some of the best cybersecurity companies near me:

1. Clear Sky Security: Clear Sky Security is a well-known and respected cyber security company with over 16 years of experience protecting businesses from online threats. They offer various services, including malware removal, website protection, cyber threat detection and prevention, and more.

Clear Sky Security has received positive customer reviews, with many users reporting that their interactions with the company were always prompt and professional. They also have a wide range of certifications, including ISO 27001:2013 and NIST STIG Level 2 certification.

Clear Sky Security should be your go-to choice if you're looking for an experienced cyber security company that can provide you with comprehensive protection against online threats.

2. Cybersecurity Ventures: Cybersecurity Ventures is another well-known and respected cybersecurity company with over 10 years of experience protecting businesses from online threats. They offer various services, including malware removal, website protection, cyber threat detection and prevention, PCI compliance training & consultation, mobile app development & security assessment, cloud security assessment & solutions development...the list goes on!

Their customer service is also top.

Several cyber security companies near you can provide you with the best protection. Some of the most reputable and well-known companies include McAfee, Symantec, and Trend Micro. Each company has its strengths and weaknesses, so choosing one that will fit your needs is essential. It's also important to remember that not all cybersecurity companies are created equal. Some may be more expensive than others, but they may offer a less comprehensive service.

If you're starting your cyber security journey, it might be helpful to consult with a professional. Many resources are available online and through contact centers operated by the different companies listed here. Once you have a basic understanding of the risks and how to protect yourself, you can start looking for ways to improve your security measures.

How can I find a cybersecurity company near me?

Cybersecurity is an ever-growing field; as such, more businesses are turning to cybersecurity firms to help protect their information. Here are five ways to find a cybersecurity company near you:

1. Ask local businesses. Many businesses have previously contracted with cyber security firms and may know of reputable companies nearby.

2. Check online directories. Several online directories list cybersecurity companies by location and specialty.

3. Ask friends and family. If you feel uncomfortable searching for a cyber security company on your own, ask your friends or family for recommendations. They may be familiar with a company specializing in this type of protection.

4. Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB provides a list of accredited cybersecurity companies and can also offer tips for choosing a provider.

5. Contact the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). The NCSA is an organization that represents leading cybersecurity firms throughout the United States. NCSA's website offers resources such as contact information for businesses and professionals who can help guide you in selecting the right firm for your needs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width="1/2" offset="vc_col-sm-6 vc_col-xs-12"] [/vc_column] [/vc_row]

What do these companies do?

Cybersecurity is a broad term that covers a variety of activities and services related to protecting computer networks and data. Some of the most common cyber security services include protection against malware, phishing attacks, and hacking; monitoring network activity; and securing websites.

Many companies offer cybersecurity services, but here are five of the best:

1. McAfee is one of the world's leading security software providers, antivirus products, and information security consulting. It operates a global network of more than 1,000 offices and has more than 400 million customers worldwide. The company offers a range of cybersecurity solutions, including antivirus protection, malware protection, website security, fraud detection/prevention, PC health monitoring, and mobile security.

2. Symantec is another global leader in information technology security. The company provides a wide range of software products and services that protect computers and networks from viruses, spyware, worms, hackers, digital theft, data destruction (by accident or intent), and other threats. Symantec also provides managed security services for businesses that want to protect their entire IT infrastructure from attack.

3. CrowdStrike is one of the world's leading providers of cyber threat intelligence solutions for enterprises and governments across the globe. The company's products detect malicious cyber activity before they can cause harm to organizations' systems by using machine learning algorithms to analyze massive datasets gathered from millions of sources around the internet. CrowdStrike also offers breach response services for organizations that have

Which companies should I avoid?

If you're looking to stay safe online, it's essential to do your research and avoid companies with poor cyber security practices. Here are four companies you should avoid when it comes to your online security:

1. Yahoo!

Yahoo! is one of the oldest and most popular websites on the internet, but its cyber security measures have been called into question time and time again. In 2013, researchers at Cambridge University discovered a large Yahoo! email account belonging to Chinese intelligence officials. The statement contained sensitive information, including military plans and diplomatic exchanges.

2. Facebook

Facebook has been criticized for its lack of safeguards against malware and spam attacks. In November last year, a hacker stole access to millions of Facebook users' data by exploiting a vulnerability in the social media site's software.

3. Equifax

Equifax is one of the biggest credit rating agencies in the world, but its cyber security record has been called into question numerous times over the past few years. In July this year, hackers accessed Equifax's systems and stole data on more than 143 million Americans - including Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and more.

The following are some cyber security companies you should avoid if you want to keep your data and computer systems safe:

1. Cybersecurity Blue, Inc.

2. IdentityForce

3. Kaspersky Lab

4. Symantec Corporation

5. Trend Micro Inc.


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