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Zoë Evans Drops Catchy New Track 'Figure You Out'

A captivating blend of pop-infused melodies and danceable rhythms.

By mysoundMusicPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Zoë Evans - Figure You Out - 2024

I came across Zoë Evans a few years ago. It was back in 2018, and the song that caught my attention was Again. I remember listening to her powerful vocals and thinking, "Who is that?"

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Zoë Evans was born in San Diego, CA, and her musical journey began at a very tender age of 3 when she started singing and playing the piano under the guidance of her piano teacher, Lynn McPherson.

At the age of 3, Zoë received the prestigious 'Youngest Ever Performer' trophy for her piano recital performance, marking the early signs of her musical prowess. Her formative years under the mentorship of Lynn McPherson laid a strong foundation for her future musical endeavors.

Transition to Songwriting and Guitar Playing

As Zoë Evans turned 14, she delved into songwriting and guitar playing, expanding her musical horizons. This transition was pivotal in shaping her identity as an artist.

Her dedication and passion for music led her to record her first album, Raw, in 2003, under the mentorship of Nancy Kenney, her music teacher. The recognition soon followed when she was nominated for a New Mexico Music Award in 2005 for the song 'Build Up', a collaborative effort with Grammy-winning producer Larry Mitchell.

Berklee College of Music Education

Following her high school graduation, Zoë Evans further honed her musical skills by enrolling in the renowned Berklee College of Music. At Berklee, she specialized in Songwriting and Professional Music, gaining valuable insights and knowledge that would shape her future career trajectory.

The exposure and experience she gained at Berklee set the stage for her upcoming endeavors in the music industry.

Professional Milestones and Performances

After her academic pursuits at Berklee, Zoë Evans embarked on a professional journey that saw her performing at iconic music venues such as the House of Blues in Hollywood, Milk Bar in San Francisco, and the Bowery Electric in NYC, among others.

Zoë Evans' discography stands out with a collection of captivating songs that showcase her unique talent and musical prowess. From the dreamy melodies of "These Dreams" to the heartfelt lyrics of "Again For the Night," each track carries its own distinct essence.

"Where You Are Right Now" exudes a sense of longing and introspection, while "I'll Be Around" brings a comforting and reassuring tone to her repertoire.

Through "In My Dreams," Zoë Evans captivates listeners with her haunting vocals and evocative storytelling. The upbeat rhythm of "24/7" adds a lively energy to her discography, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

Overall, Zoë Evans' discography reflects a blend of emotion, creativity, and musical finesse, making her a noteworthy artist in the music industry.

New Release: 'Figure you Out'

As Zoë Evans continues to evolve as an artist, she remains committed to her craft and is set to release her new single Figure You Out on 4/4/24.

This new release not only signifies her artistic progression but also hints at a promising future ahead. With each new endeavor, Zoë Evans reaffirms her position as a rising talent to watch out for in the music industry.

Zoe Evans' latest song showcases a captivating blend of pop-infused melodies and danceable rhythms that captivate listeners from the very first note. The infectious hooks and lively beats seamlessly interwoven throughout the track entice listeners to move and groove along with the music.

The climactic moment at the hook serves as a defining highlight, propelling the song's energy to new heights and encouraging active participation from the audience. This level of engagement plays a crucial role in the track's success in cultivating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere synonymous with pop music.

Additionally, Zoe Evans' new song exudes a carefree summer-party vibe that is simply irresistible. The lyrics resonate with a broad audience, painting vivid imagery of joyous moments and celebratory occasions.

Through her artful composition, Zoe Evans transports listeners to a sun-soaked party setting, showcasing her ability to craft a fully immersive experience for her fans.

By skillfully incorporating elements that evoke feelings of jubilation, Zoe Evans ensures that her music is not only catchy but also deeply resonant with enthusiasts in search of an invigorating and interactive auditory journey.


The musical odyssey of Zoë Evans exemplifies talent, resilience, and relentless pursuit of artistic excellence. From her early days as a piano prodigy to her current status as a singer-songwriter making waves in the industry, Zoë Evans has come a long way.

Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and underscores the transformative power of music in shaping lives and touching hearts. As Zoë Evans continues to make her mark in the music industry, her story stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of artistic pursuit and the boundless potential of talent realized.

P.S. Needless to say, I've been following Zoë Evans ever since my 1st listen.

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