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Yuki Shundo set the standard with her new track

The fast-raising artist Yuki Shundo has channeled her ambient tranquility with the new single "Fire (Memories Never Die)."

By Honk MagazinePublished about a year ago 3 min read

Proficient pop singer and songwriter Yuki Shundo is originally from Japan but now lives in Los Angeles. In 2022, Yuki debuted with the single "See the Light," Now she's started her spring cleaning early this year by releasing her pristine single, "Fire, Memories Never Die." Speaking of freeing yourself of the things in your life that bring you down, whether specific emotions or circumstances, Yuki emphasizes how holding onto a pessimistic weight can be consuming.

Here we are treated to a dramatic and, at the same time, dreamlike song. She features a melancholic soundscape where layers of the artist's voice blend beautifully with the music, creating an elegant, cinematic feel. I was drawn in by this immediately. But I am fragile for those dramatic pop songs with beautiful synths and dreamlike vocals. So this hit the middle of the pitch.

Musically, "Fire (Memories Never Die)" contains a fun, adventurous narrative, tuneful melodies, and ear-pleasing vocals. The lovely tune possesses melodic, piano-laden instrumentation seasoned with contemporary pop ingredients. Yuki's light and carefree vocal approach is masterful at shining its presence with a friendly, smooth, harmonious process that easily rides the beat's pocket, delivering the lyrics with deft precision and making the writing much more enjoyable

This art-pop anthem is a testament to personal strength, survival, and finding empathy for those who are hurting. Sometimes you wish love was enough, but it isn't—this song is about finding freedom in fighting for yourself. Fire (Memories Never Die) is about confidence and strength, not giving a flying f*** about anything, constantly pushing the limit, living on the edge, and enjoying every moment life throws at you.

Yuki's music is inspired by the periods between the highs and lows of life. Her music reflects how she draws inspiration from the complexities of human connections, which are the source of her creativity. Her unusual vocal technique and the narrative lyrical substance of her songs have been the driving forces behind the waves she has created in the music industry. Some of the topics in Yuki's music include the confusion, ambiguity, and spontaneity typical of the world. She believes that the most inspiring things for her are the real-life and sometimes chaotic situations that come with managing emotions and relationships.

Songwriting is something that Yuki Shundo could not live without. She has danced professionally; after years of study and training as a dancer, she became a choreographer, a performer, and an educator. She's also a creative director and works closely with artists on their music videos, stages, and live shows.

Being a humanitarian is immensely significant to her and will always be interconnected with her music, spirituality, and self-expression. Also, songwriting has been a tool of expression for her since adolescence and is something she holds closely. Her musical inspirations include Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Marah Carey, Celine Dion, etc. In any medium of originality, Yuki Shundo has found passion.

Yuki Shundo music excels at going above and beyond good music to create an experience that intrinsically touches the soul. Each moving part of the song comes together divinely to bring the vision to life. As Yuki continues to establish her imprint in pop music, it has become clear that she has a one-of-a-kind voice and an extraordinary ability to express stories that connect with listeners.

Yuki Shundo invites listeners to unplug from all that is wilting in the past with a fantastic record with a powerful sound that slows down time for you to enjoy and a soul that makes you stick around for every second. This is something that has become very observable. In the years to come, Yuki will be an artist that people will want to keep an eye on because she combines thought-provoking lyrics, an attractive voice, and outstanding melodies in her music.

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