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The Review - Part 2


"Talk Fast"

This is an interesting song, but I feel it fits well with the feel of the album. A lot of the songs on the album are about breakups and lost love; this is a song about a fling. It talks about the ‘last call'. This is an obvious reference to the last drink call in a bar. The phrase ‘burn, crash, romance' and ‘won't last, I'm okay with that' are all very clear references to the fact that they are happy with the idea of the fling and the whole second verse seems to be the thoughts running through their head as they are trying to pick up a girl. Considering what the rest of the album talks about, I think that this song is a great contrast. As well as that, it has a very catchy melody and lyrics that make this song very hard to forget in a hurry.

"Moving Along"

This is personally my favorite song on the whole album. It's the whole idea of a few weeks after a breakup and they are realizing what they have missed. They have spiraled from thinking that breaking up was the best idea for them but now they have realized what they are missing. I know that I can relate to this from having an ex-partner want me back after breaking up. By the time they realized, I had already moved on. I love the lyrics ‘have you been eating breakfast alone like me.' These are some of the things that you, until you have lost someone, don't realize mean a lot and that you miss them. I love the guitar in this song. At the beginning it is prominent but through the rest of the song it's in the background. I also really like how the bass and drums are the main features of this song. This song will be on repeat by me for a very long time.

"If Walls Could Talk"

This song really reminds me of "Broker Home" from their second album. It's not through the lyrics or the sound of the song, but the meaning behind it. In "Broken Home", it was talking about parents fighting and how everything is breaking. I feel that this is supposed to be a continuation of that song. They are singing about how if the wall could talk they would ‘fall from grace' and that ‘they've seen way too many things.' I take back what I said about it being a continuation, I think this is a prequel to that song. It sounds like a dysfunctional family. The parents are arguing about something that has happened and they are trying to keep it a secret so that other people don't look down on them. At the same time, they are forgetting about the people who are already in the house. Their daughter, who is already fragile, can hear everything that they are saying, and we start to get a better idea of how they have forgotten about her. They don't realize that she knows all the secrets of the family but doesn't care. She just wants them to be happy. I know that this is unlikely but that what the song sounds like to me. I also like the idea that things have gone from more upbeats and like a conflict between two people from this track; then in "Broken Home", it starts to slow down to a sole person's thoughts about the mess and the family dynamic. This is another amazing track and I think it gives an insight in to possibly some of the other songs on the albums that are post-breakup. This is before the break. I like how even though it is a sad song about all these horrible things that have happened, even though it is specifically stated, it still stays upbeat.

"Better Man"

This is a refreshing song on this album; it's about changing and how someone special can make a person change their ways. When the pair in the song met, one of them was out until the early hours of the morning, they were sleeping around and didn't think that they could change. Then this person came into their lives and changed all of that. They settled down. I think this a cute story but at the same time I also think it sends the message that, even if someone is bad and has done some awful things, you can change them. This, of course, isn't true. I like the how the guitar is played to the same rhythm as the drums until the pre-chorus where it is drawn out. This is another really catchy song on this album.

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