You're a Hypocrite When You Say "Country Music Has to Go"

My response to an anti-country music article and why your reasons are hypocritical

You're a Hypocrite When You Say "Country Music Has to Go"

I recently came across an article titled "Music Diversity is Great, but Country Has Got to Go," and the whole thing truly irked me. It's a well-known fact that every genre isn't everyone's cup of tea and we all have the ability to publicly share those opinions. I'm not usually one to address a specific piece of writing by writing my own counterargument, but this one struck a little nerve. I'm sitting here chuckling to myself as I write this because I feel like the person who wrote this country-hating article is slightly hypocritical. And here's why.

In her article, she mentions that one of the main reasons she hates country and thinks it should be destroyed is because she can't remember ever hearing a song without the words or phrases about women, tractors, beer, horses, or cowboy/cowgirl clothing. I get that, most country songs do include some or all of these, but there also so many country songs that don't. There are country songs that have very deep and emotional messages, and there are some that are just fun party songs. Just like any other genre. Which gets me to my next point.

I'm not a fan of rap, but I would never say it should be destroyed because I know there are millions of people that absolutely love it. I'm not going to with it away because of my own distaste. That being said, this author had complained about all country music having the same lyrics or story. Okay... what about rap music? It's all about sex, drugs, and alcohol, "thick" women, or thug life. Which, first of all, the younger generations don't need anymore music about getting high, but what are you gonna do? It's music that people enjoy and it does well. Sex sells, and so does booze and drugs. But you know what else sells? Tractors, cowboys, and beer -- obviously.

This article also mentioned that a lot of country songs had underlying derogatory statements or messages about women. This had me cracking up. Has this woman EVER listened to rap music, pop music, ANY other genre? I could easily name ten songs that aren't country that speak inappropriately about women. Eminem has multiple songs doing this, but do I bash his music? No, because he is one of three rappers that I actually love. His music is great and it all has a message. But what about all these rap songs talking about women in the kitchen, strippers doing what they're told, or women being beaten? Just something I thought I'd point out.

Lastly, the author of this anti-country article talked about a few of her friends lying to her about their distaste in country music, when they actually enjoy it. She then mentioned that there are many people who do this because they're ashamed of their taste in music and are afraid to admit country as one of their favorites. I don't know who she's hanging out with, but the people I know that enjoy country music have NEVER tried to hide it. If they like it, they like it. If they don't, they don't. It's not a big deal. Just like my friends knowing I'm not a fan of rap music. Guess what? We still listen to both genres. It's called balance, compromise. A few songs of a genre you hate isn't going to kill you or destroy your taste in all other music.

Overall, if you hate any music genre, get over it. We all have one or two, maybe more, genres of music, movies, books, whatever that we dislike. It's our opinion and our taste, and it's totally fine! But don't tell someone that their taste in music has got to go, and I won't tell you that your taste in music has gotta go. It's simple. You don't like country music? Don't listen to it. You don't like rap music? Don't listen to it. No one is forced to like a specific genre. So, voice your opinion, stick to your musical taste, and let others do the same. Don't say their enjoyment should be taken away, 'cause that just makes you a hypocrite on a ridiculous level.

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Ashley Beatty-Pernetti
Ashley Beatty-Pernetti
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