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Wiz Hits Top 100 on Independent Charts with Rap Masterpiece, “Vanish.”

Vanish surpasses expectations with over 300,000 views in first month.

By PhotobombshellPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Wiz, from Hard Hittin Entertainment, is an American artist, rapper, and musician out of Boston, Massachusetts, with a passion for the Hip Hop and Rap genres of music. He satisfied his craving for quality music by establishing HHiL music studios and later Hard Hittin Entertainment in 2008. His music has rapidly grown his credibility and earned acknowledgment in the rap industry. Wiz's previous project entitled "Low Key" featured on "Independent Still Major," was a colossal accomplishment, soaring past 1 million views on Youtube. Wiz has released numerous songs that have quickly gained popularity in the past decade, so his explosive success on his latest project is no surprise.

Wiz's most recent release, "Vanish," has blasted past expectations. Gaining traction through social media and the artist's loyal following, Vanish has surpassed 300,000 views in less than 30 days of its release. If you have not heard it yet, Vanish is an authentic voice for people who want to unwind from stressful days while staying connected to reality, and people are connecting with it heavily. Straight from the release, Wiz got an impressive ranking for Vanish, landing the rapper in the top 150 on the independent charts. In the first week of the release, the song got the proper appreciation from fans and curious listeners alike, sending Wiz into the top 100 rankings on independent charts.

Wiz demonstrates his work ethic and pride in his craft through his lyricism on Vanish. The rapper has a great way of illustrating bitter truths in a way that his audience can digest and resonate with, cutting out all of the fluff and getting straight to the point with his blunt language. The beat on Vanish is as dynamic as the lyrics, and listeners have been intoxicated by both since the project's launch.

“I believe life is incomplete without some hardcore yet meaningful music. I am excited about the new single, Vanish, and appreciate all the positive vibes we got from the fans," expressed Wiz from Hard Hittin Ent. He continues, “The song is about people and life, and the lyrics are all there to add to the thrill. The idea is to share a combination of realities and thrill that defines the hassle of living."

The journey of becoming an artist and developing as a musician, turning his aspirations into reality, has not always been easy. As Wiz recognized his deep passion for hip hop and rap and grew as an artist, he discovered other talents outside of rapping and performing. Many are surprised to learn that Wiz also contributes to the genres as a songwriter. Wiz has grown, developed, and created his independent music career. His journey to his present level of success is a shining example of dedication and creative spirit. Several memorable and exciting performances by Wiz have received industry attention and have become defining moments for his career. His previous work with well-respected industry names such as Gbe Capo, Fred the Godson, and Freeway suggests he is just getting started. Wiz's talent to inspire any audience and deliver an impactful performance are singular.

Check out "Vanish" by Wiz from Hard Hittin Entertainment anywhere you stream and download music, then check out the visuals on Youtube here:

About Hard Hittin Entertainment

Hard-Hitting Entertainment was born when Wiz started making music from his home in the early 2000s. The Worchester 508 artist worked on his first venture as a musician and rap artist, putting together a mixtape with two of his friends, Twin and Lefty. The project later became known as ‘508 Alliance’. In 2013, the company released another group project, 'All or Nothing,' as proof that they meant to strive to create better music every day. After that, Wiz steadily made his mark in the local community, eventually gaining nationwide recognition.

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