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Why knowing how to play the piano helps you be more successful in life

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By svocal02Published 2 years ago 3 min read
Why knowing how to play the piano helps you be more successful in life
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Did you know that when you learn to play the piano, you develop abilities, which help you to be more successful in other areas of life, for example in your studies or your professional career? Indeed, several studies have shown that there is a direct link between music lessons and success in the workplace.

How come musicians do better in life? We have listed below six essential skills that you train when you learn the piano.

1. Playing the piano increases your ability to concentrate

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When playing the piano, you need to pay attention to many things, such as rhythm, pitch, tempo, note value, etc. In practice, you perform a real exercise in concentration while you play the songs you like.

Studies have also shown that each time a musician picks up his instrument, a real firework is triggered in his brain (if you want to know more about this subject, we invite you to watch the following video: Ted Talk).

2. Playing the piano teaches you to develop your perseverance

Learning a new piece or a new song takes time and a lot of effort. Before you can play a song by heart and fluently, you need to practice for a few weeks. The mere thought of one day being able to play the song you're working on boosts your motivation. This teaches you to be patient and increases your perseverance. This ability is especially useful to you when you find yourself faced with difficult tasks in college or at work.

3. Playing the piano makes you more disciplined

Learning to play the piano is a real challenge. Regular practice and hard work not only increase your perseverance but also help you become more disciplined. Some song passages require more work on your part. For piano learning, there is a “magic” key to success. Of course, I will reveal it to you. The key to success is practice, practice, practice.

Regularly practicing your piano requires discipline. At first, such rigor may seem difficult to you. You can encourage yourself by thinking about giving yourself a small reward once you've reached a goal. Over time, you will get used to regular practice and it will no longer seem complicated to stick to your piano practice schedules.

4. Playing the piano improves your time management

Many of us have very busy schedules. Unfortunately, scientists haven't yet found a way to extend our days by 24 hours. To have the time to manage all your activities, you must therefore organize yourself well. By getting used to practicing your piano regularly, you also learn to use your time productively. From this point of view, 20 short minutes of beat between two activities can be used for a piano session.

5. Playing the piano improves your emotional intelligence

Playing the piano enhances your listening skills. This quality is very important when interacting with others. You not only communicate your feelings through your facial expressions, your body language, but also through the intonation, melody and rhythm of your voice. Anyone who plays an instrument is also a more attentive listener. It's no surprise, then, that studies have found that musicians sense other people's emotions better and are more adept at interpreting them than non-musicians.

6. Playing the piano trains your memory

Playing the piano stimulates your brain. As you practice playing your favorite songs, the areas of your brain that are stimulated expand and become more active. In particular, the regions that are responsible for storing auditory information are significantly more developed in musicians than in non-musicians.

When you play the piano, you improve your ability to process acoustic information. As a result, you find yourself much more rarely in a situation where you have to say a sentence like this: “Sorry, maybe you told me that already, but I don't remember...” .

Isn't it fascinating to see all that learning the piano brings to you? If you were looking for a good reason to put yourself at the piano, you now have several in front of you. :-)


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