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Why I ONLY Listen to Lo-Fi Music & You SHOULD Too!

Struggling to focus while working? Then, you need to listen to lo-fi music. Lo-fi music will help you get a lot of work done and it will remove all your stress away.

By TrendingModelsPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Lo-fi music

I fell in love with lo-fi music the second I heard it. It was perfect, almost like if it was created perfectly for me. I work 14-hour days and struggle to concentrate and lo-fi music helps me get SO MUCH done. I can literally work for hours and hours and don’t even realize that I have been sitting in my office chair for such a long time.

I came across lo-fi by accident while browsing concentration music on YouTube and ever since I discovered lo-fi there isn’t another genre of music that I play. I listen to lo-fi while I work and have it playing throughout the house ALL Day long. I actually look forward to working now and get so much work done while at the same time enjoying those melodic tunes that are just perfect.

Lo-fi is literally the best type of music to be productive or to relax and enjoy the day. I use it for both, but mostly to get stuff done. For those who don’t know, lo-fi music is a genre of music that is different than anything you probably heard before. It contains technical imperfections, such as distortions, humming, bird noises, and background noise as well. The beauty of lo-fi is that it blends everything so well that it actually sounds imperfectly PERFECT in my opinion.

Here are the top 5 benefits of lo-fi music.

The Top 5 Benefits of Lo-fi music

1. Increases your brain activity.

2. It elevates your mood

3. It helps reduce anxiety

4. It calms your nerves

5. It helps you focus

Like I said, I use lo-fi music to help me get work done. Lo-fi isn’t too upbeat that you want to get up and dance around or too slow that you want to get to bed. It just perfect and done in a way that you can focus and get a ton of work done. If you are having trouble with stress or simply need music to concentrate and get work done, then lo-fi is going to be PERFECT for you. Lo-fi will really get you chill out and be super productive and get a lot of work done.

Lo-fi has become one of the most popular genre’s in today’s music world. There are many streaming channels on YouTube that have best lo-fi music available. My two favorite channels are Lofi Girl which has 9.4 million subscribers and Chillhop Music with 3.2 million subscribers.

Those are my two favorite channels on YouTube and they always have something streaming that I like. Sleepy Fish is one of my favorite producers and he has some of the most AMAZING lo-fi beats you will ever hear. Project AER is also one of my favorites.

If you are looking to calm your nerves or get more work done, then you should definitely listen to lo-fi music. Lo-fi’s melodic tunes and relaxing vibes makes lo-fi perfect to be productive and remove all stress from your life.

No wonder these chill beats are suddenly on high demand now. Millions of people are jumping on the lo-fi bandwagon and are falling in love with lo-fi the second they hear it just like me.

Although lo-fi is the underdog in music genres today, I think that it will become more popular as time goes by. There is something about the euphoric feeling that you get from lo-fi that is so appealing to many. I have no doubt that lo-fi is going to continue to grow in popularity and become one of the most popular music genres.

Go check it out and thank me later. You are going to fall in love with lo-fi just like I did.

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