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Why 80's Music Is the Best

by Flying Ace 3 years ago in 80s music
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The Reason As to Why the '80s Rocked the World

It is evident that the 80's were inspirational during their time and even into the later years. The music that rocked the 80's included rock ballads, love songs, an epic rhapsody, and more.

It was a time when great change began to sweep through the entirety of the United States. People were beginning to experience new freedoms and new ways of thinking. At this time as well, a major disease was introduced and we were still going to war. Many died from both the disease and the war, however their stories still live on. They live on by the poetry written by modern day poets that added a melody to their words. It was by music that they could truly express themselves. In a way, music was the way they could communicate their true thoughts without actually saying anything.

The 80s as seen as an epic music decade was truly splendid. Many songs like "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Bon Jovi talked about the problems that the United States faced and in a way talked about how we dealt with those issues. He talks about the Cold War, Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, the JFK Assassination and so forth. What he was speaking was the truth because in a way all the nations have had a sense of nationalism that has been boiling underneath the surface and has just recently come out. The people of this musical decade thought the world was a stressful place back then. What would they say if they our country now?

It was also during the 80s that many changes were happening among the citizens of the United States and the world. In a way they were looking for a way out that led them to freedom and that gateway was music. Hence, why the epic ballads, beautiful romantic poems, hard rock and roll, and inspiring songs sprang forth.

In addition, the 80s was also a time when people were on drugs, new diseases were coming out, and there was heavy distrust about the government due to their previous actions in the Vietnam. These things caused even more reason to release songs that showed people's true thoughts and feelings about their government.

The music that was birthed from like music heaven was just glorious. It had the ability to influence people and change their minds about different topics. It made people feel loved or even experience freedom. It was even a way for people to honor and commemorate those that they lost.

Many artists also spoke about their childhood in their songs or spoke about past events that shook the world like WWII and Vietnam. While the government was trying to control their speech, it was through their music that they were able to show their true selves and not worry about the government taking away their voice.

The reason I feel that the 80s still reach and have influence in today's music because the listeners can feel how authentic and real the songs are and they can feel the emotions of the singer and the band throughout the song as well. In a world where plastic and fake things are replacing the things that are real, I believe that today's generation yearns and searches for things that still remain to be true and real.

Yes there are some songs out there that are good too, but if one were to look at music based on their decade, I believe that 80s would have the most liked songs because of the fact that they are authentic, people like them, and the listener can feel the emotions of the singer and in a way understand them.

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