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What I Want For This Year

by EscoMadeIt 8 days ago in list

The First Week of 2021 And More For The Rest Of The Year

What I Want For This Year

Hey Was-sup it's Esco. I'm Back with another Blog post felt like I should keep this up. Feel as this is a way to connect with people who follow me through my musical endeavors and I want to accomplish alot this year personally.

It's coming up on two years since I started making beats and when I look back I get this sort of nostalgic feel.... Like when I make Certain chord progressions I hear some old beats that I did and now I want to remix or recreate some beats and I know that must sound crazy to y'all but its not really and I'll tell you why. Back around September between the 19th and 21st all my beats got deleted off my MacBook Pro. it was around 400 to 500 beats some 120 not even mixed down and formatted so it was alot of pieces or composers that weren't necessarily done that were just lost forever just like that. So One for 2021 I Want to get better at saving all my shit in two separate spaces: like right after the beats got deleted I brought a 2TB hard drive just for the music. after that I took this shit so seriously. I don't care about making money even on a platform where it's a Beats marketplace because truly in all actuality I just like making beats and listening back to them while I untwine the day I just had.

Another thing I want to get done in 2021 its Working with people who want to make great music and want to create albums that will tell both of our artistry. I like when I can challenge my creative output and be put on the spot because when that happens I will either shine or fail but if I fail I'll learn from that experience. "when I work with people I tell them you have to risk doing things meaning every time you do something new you have to handle the new problems that might surface with it".

I want to put a whole lot more of big steps or risk on my plate too. I'm trying my hardest to be more consistent in what I do.

The Third thing I want is to make some Sound kits and Loops I think its time because some times I make certain beats and won't finish them for weeks maybe a month or 3 at a time some times and I think it's better off now that if this happens I could just make those beats that I wasn't going to finish right away a loop and drop it on my discord groups or something so at least they can go to good use some where else so my workspace stays efficient. Im trying to drop visuals for my instrumentals on YouTube At least 3 times a week with 2-4 videos each time. I would say a Monday Wednesday Saturday Schedule Only because that were I could fit in into my schedule now but I'm just going to go with the flow on that one.

OH And the last thing is social media Marketing I've been over these last 12 days into this new year REBRANDING my whole social media Look and I think I would market most heavily with my instagram so I would go follow me there to be the most updated. @LeekEscobar on Mainly every social media I Use ; Also bout to start using twitter too so Follow me there as well.

- ESCO Out I'll update you guys next week

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