welcome to the vibes.

where ya at, good music?

welcome to the vibes.
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Five songs I have compiled with some of my favorite people, and I will let you in on a little secret, we all love these songs. They make us wanna repeat them forever, vibe with them forever and they will always be our favorites. I would have done more, but let's face it we all know I Love spreading new music and you will all continue to get more of these, but put these on your playlists and thank me later. Also watch Almost Famous, because it is the greatest movie ever.

1. Boyfriend by Hardy- this whole album is a banger, and I could not just pick one song, and neither could anyone else. This is the most epic album, party album, want to live on a 300 acre farm married to your high school sweetheart kind of album. I think he might have taken a piece from Morgan Wallen, and it worked.... Not gonna lie. This song though, makes you wanna get engaged as soon as possible.. Good work , Hardy. You have some fans for life now.

2. Ice Cream by BlackPink feat Selena Gomez- this song is the dopest song I have ever heard. I don't typically listen to BlackPink but this song is amazing. I have listened to it way too many times, and the music video is too hot for anyone to handle...... be aware, because it is steamy, and your ice cream will melt....and you may have to repeat this song over and over again...... because we all know we want to have this song blaring at every red light, where everyone can vibe together.

3. Slippery by Migos- If you do not know this song, you need to go and play it loud as all get out because its a vibe. I love this song, and will forever be a Migos stan. Anything Migos does, I will love. They are my favorite, and can not dissappoint. I also will forever love Stir Fry. All these songs bring back memories, and I know the second song just came out but anything in the past I refer to as memories..... I even count yesterday as memories, because it was yesterday. These five songs will forever take me back to the memories I have with my favorite people.

4. VIBEZ by Dababy- this is a very fraternity boy type of a song but it is a banger. I will forever think this song is my "walking down the hallway of school while i pretend I am in a movie" type of song. Sunshine, windows down, a sonic drink cause its happy hour, and this song is my absolute favorite thing in the world. But do not get me wrong, I will forever think about the memories that are attached with this song, and they will forever make the happiest girl in the world.

5. Fever Dog by StillWater- Almost Famous is one of the most iconic movies there ever was to live. Every song on that soundtrack is good, but this is epic. It has everything you need to vibe, and you will thank me later. I will forever be thankful for watching that movie, and hearing these songs.... it forever changed my life.

5 new songs, 5 bangers...... Let's rejoice.... More music playlists coming, more amazing content. Just keep being the unicorn of your life because let's face it; the world is a lot brighter when its got unicorns running around. Enjoy these songs, let me know if you have any suggestions. I am always looking for new music for my playlist. Until the next blog, I hope you will share this post with all your friends.

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