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Wanna hear a band that slaps?

by Grace Linn about a year ago in bands
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You should really check these guys out

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Maybe they're not your cup of tea, but I guarantee you've heard at least one of their songs before. Let me tell you about one of the most dope bands out there, Muse.

They've been around for a little while now, formed in 1994, debuting their first album Showbiz in 1999. The lead singer, Matt Bellamy became known for his melancholic alternative rock style while showing off his falsetto. Their next album, Origin of Symmetry included wider varieties of instrumentation as well as romantic music influences. By now they were becoming pretty well-known for having energetic live performances. Along with this, they quickly rose to fame in the U.K. Now in America they may not be as popular. Hell I'd say they're underappreciated as musicians, really. So, excuse me while I fangirl here and tell you the main reason why this band slaps.

They encompass several different genres and each one sounds really good!

It seems like most musicians tend to become known for one specific genre, their niche. However Muse happens to dabble in several different genres of music. They go from rock, to pop, to orchestral, to dubstep. Rock is a broad genre I know, but they're pretty damn versatile in that too! There's alternative rock, hard rock, classic, and even metal!

Alternative rock: Plug in Baby

Origin of Symmetry hosts this killer tune, the album being released in 2001. Typically categorizing, you'd put a song in alternative rock if it's outside the mainstream, which the song Plug In Baby seems to fit. The riffs completely emanate what it would sound like if Mozart or Beethoven picked up the guitar. The music video on the other hand...hehe, is quite interesting, as it is very trippy in nature. If you watch it you'll see what I mean.

Hard Rock: Reapers

Coming in on their 2015 album Drones, Reapers begins with a solid drum beat, then BAM come Matthew Bellamy's shredding skills in the seventh measure. The virtuosic solo kinda imitates the solo in Hot for Teacher by Van Halen. Listen here.

Metal: Assassin and Stockholm Syndrome

Now overall I would definitely not categorize Muse as a metal band. You don't really hear Matt scream in the band's music, but there are two songs that definitely cross over into metal territory as they contain intense drums, guitar, and vocals. Assassin was given to us on the 2006 album, Black Holes and Revelations. This album contains several smash hits such as Starlight and Knights of Cydonia, and is the most popular of Muse's albums on Spotify.

Stockholm Syndrome comes to us from the Absolution album in 2004, which is one of the very few times I've heard Matt Bellamy scream. In the chorus, the words "I wish I could" are definitely given some punch with Bellamy's vocal chords.

Orchestral: Exogenesis Symphony

This is honestly one of the most impressive features of Muse in my opinion. I mean, how many bands have you heard of that can both kill it at hard rock AND orchestral music? From their 2009 Resistance album, we are gifted the Exogenesis symphony where Matt arranged all of the orchestral elements himself. It tells the story of humanity coming to an end, but astronauts are sent out into space with hopes of finding another planet to inhabit.

Dubstep: Unsustainable

I was 15 when The 2nd Law dropped. Damn, has it really been 9 years already? It seems like it was just yesterday when I was watching the grammy's where Panic Station was nominated for best rock song. Right towards the tail end of the album, you have Unsustainable, a mostly instrumental piece that begins with rhythmic strings. I can still clearly recite the spoken line right before the dubstep beat drops. I've definitely had a passion for this band's music for most of my entire life! What really captivated my attention for this album was the scientific background it had, and Unsustainable does a really good job of explaining that!

70s Disco Funk: Panic Station

Okay, now who here has NOT seen the third Austin Powers movie? Think back to the scene where he travels back in time to 1975. When he enters Studio 69, the song Shining Star by Earth Wind and Fire plays. That song contains a funk bass line and a hip groove to dance to. Now Muse came out with Panic Station in 2012, giving us a taste of 70s disco funk with its deep, groovy, rhythmic bass line. Yeah, baby, yeah!

Pop: Madness

Damn, I must really have an affinity for The 2nd Law album. But hey not only do I love the song Madness, when it dropped there was hardly a radio station you couldn't find it playing on. It was extremely popular. The song tells us the situation of whether the main character still has feelings for their ex, or whether it's just "madness". A solid, repetitive pop beat (played on a touchpad bass) is ongoing throughout the entire song, and after a sweet guitar solo, we are blessed with Matthew Bellamy showcasing his vocal range, hitting a b-flat above middle C, twice, before going back to his falsetto voice.

So, why should you listen to Muse then?

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I mean, it's your prerogative whether or not you choose to listen to them. But when it comes to versatility and talent, Muse kicks all the ass. They slay at several different genres and clearly possess the skill to do it flawlessly. Turn that volume up to 11 and kick it to their music. You're really missing out if you don't.


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