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Video Game Remixes to Liven Up Your Halloween Party

by Jade Hadfield 19 days ago in list

Eleven scary bops to tap into your nostalgia and get you moving!

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Video game music has always held a special place in my heart. I listen to it when I write, when I exercise, when I'm in the shower... there's always a song to fit the mood. So why should Halloween be any different?

Here are my top 11 spooky songs to make your gaming-themed Halloween Party an undoubted success.

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1. Ben Drowned (Majora's Mask Remix) - Ben Briggs, GameChops

Many Legend of Zelda fans remember the infamous Ben Drowned creepypasta - a harrowing tale of a boy who receives a copy of Majora's Mask that is haunted by Ben, a young lad who was sacrificed to The Moon Children. A tale to go down in fandom history, you can watch the full story here.

And what better way to open a Halloween playlist. The track opens with an unsettling music box melody, littered with the creepy laughter of the mask salesman, as the organ settles you into the Halloween mood. The track comes into its own with the gut-wrenching scream of our young hero, Link, as the beat picks up, setting the tone for your evening. Once this begins to play, your guests will know this is not a night to be trifled with. Let the music play!

2. Spider Dance - Holder, GameChops

And now that the tone is set, it's time to party! As someone with crippling arachnophobia, I couldn't quite help myself, this track from the legendary Undertale soundtrack, remixed into a base boosted EDM masterpiece, was too perfect to not include. Though, Muffet gets a pass for being so darn cute (just listen to her sweet giggle that appears before the beat drop). Try to listen to this track without dancing, I'm fairly sure it's impossible.

3. Lavender Town - GameChops, James Landino

And what would a Halloween video game playlist be without the inclusion of Lavender Town? Not only was it our first ever encounter with Ghost Pokemon, but it hosted the Pokemon graveyard, where the citizens of Kanto gathered to mourn the loss of their beloved 'Mons. Quite morbid for a children's game, don't you think?

Well, the history is even more morbid. It was rumoured that the frequency in which the original Lavender Town theme was played caused seizure's in those who listened to it. This phenomenon was called Lavender Town Syndrome, and you can read more about it here. But don't worry, this remix won't cause you any problems - unless you have something against good music, that is.

4. Luigi's Mansion Theme (Remix) - Castx

Mario may be the more famous of the brothers, but Luigi is, and will always be, the King of Halloween (whether he likes it or not). Luigi's Mansion was genuinely terrifying to me as a child, but that didn't stop me from adventuring through to take down King Boo and his gaggle of ghouls. It helped that Luigi was also terrified. A refreshing horror protagonist, if I do say so myself - there are too many games, and movies for that matter, where the main cast is calm, collected, and ready to fight the unknown. Just not realistic, so thank you, Luigi.

A track that is almost synonymous with Halloween in the gaming community, Castx's remix adds a beautiful beat behind the classic tune, alongside soundbites of Luigi calling out to Mario for help - perhaps unnerving, if context were removed?

5. Vampire Killer (From "Castlevania") - GameChops, James Landino, Smooth McGroove

Those who know me know I adore vampires, and Castlevania is no exception. This beautiful remix includes the haunting acapella vocals of Smooth McGroove, a beat worthy of an iconic boss fight, and the occasional werewolf howl. What's not to love?

6. Gaster's Theme - Nitroglitch

Our second entry from Undertale, this time featuring the music from the hidden character Gaster, implied to be the father of beloved characters Sans and Papyrus. 'Beware the man who speaks in hands', Gaster talks in Wingdings, making his speech nonsensical. A character that isn't technically supposed to be in the game, but if the player hacks the game, Gaster will react in surprise to being found.

What a genius Toby Fox is, leaving surprises for those faithful hackers who will undoubtedly dive headfirst into the code of the game. Keep surprising us, Toby. I'm sure Deltarune will be full of surprises, too!

7. Danganronpa Theme - Remix (SayMaxWell)

Sixteen teenagers locked inside of their high school and told to kill each other by an evil teddy bear. Only one can graduate - the one who kills without getting caught. As if high school isn't bad enough.

I'm a huge fan of the entire Danganronpa series, so this remix of the game's main theme by SayMaxWell was an absolute must. Complete with Junko's voice lines, repeatedly reminding the listener that they are 'so fucking hopeless!' A very despair-inducing track, wouldn't you say?

But keep your hopes up, because the party ain't over yet!

8. Ghost House (From "Super Mario World") - Qumu

Even though Luigi is the King of Halloween, credit must be given to the Ghost House theme from the Super Mario games. Though I find the Boo's exceptionally cute, the theme that accompanies them never fails to put a shiver down my spine. This remix is more laidback than the others, giving you and your guests time to catch your breath and pour a drink before the next song on our list starts.

9. Witchyworld (From "Banjo-Tooie") - Qumu

'The Theme Park Witchyworld is closed due to an appalling safety record. Once the authorities have been bribed we will reopen soon. Thank you."

The song plays as you adventure through a run-down, decrepit theme park, where the employees are hostile and will attack on sight. This theme from the Banjo Kazooie franchise is whimsical in nature. Travel to the freak show with a spring in your step, and watch out for the enemies that want you dead.

10. One Winged Angel - GameChops, Grimecraft

The penultimate track to our playlist, it's time for a boss fight! And gosh, what a boss fight it is. Though I don't find Sephiroth very scary (and even had a crush on him as a child) there's no doubt that his boss fight at the end of Final Fantasy VII will be one to go down in history. Just don't start fighting your friends on the dancefloor, this isn't that kind of party.

11. Sayo-Nara - Dan Salvato

And to close, we shall enjoy the stylings of Mr. Salvato, with a track from his hit game Doki Doki Literature Club. This track, which takes the unbearably cute opening song and spices it up a bit, is perfect for calming your guests down and sending them on their way home. We all know what a relaxing game Doki Doki is, so perhaps suggest it to any of your guests who haven't had the pleasure of playing it.

I'm sure they'll absolutely adore it.

And now, it's time to party!

Now that you don't have to worry about getting a playlist ready, it's time to plan your party. Get your cosplay ready, make some snacks and invite your friends over.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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