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UK Music Artists Adapt During Pandemic and Recession

Jemzilla Hoping For More Success As She Continues To Release Music During Difficult Times

By Ashish PrabhuPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Image: Jemzilla

The UK is currently on the brink of entering a recession following two consecutive three month periods of negetive economic growth.

This has mainly been caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. New strains of the disease are occuring all over the world and these spread round the planet meaning that places that were considered to be low in cases of the disease can suddenly see a rapid rise in cases. It is for this reason that people had been encouraged to stay at home as much as possible and work from home.

This was all put in place to help prevent the disease spreading as much as possible.

The music industry is made up of many different sections, all working together to complete the finished product.

Sometime people believe that everyone should be in a professional studio to produce high quality songs which can then be put out and broadcast, but many artists have the ability to record songs at home and send them in to be professionally finished off and edited.

An example of such an artist is Jemzilla from Lancashire who has spent the majority of her young life singing, so has a lot of experience in order to perfect the right style she is aiming for and ensure she can establish her self easily.

She began singing at the age of four when her father recorded her.

She gained a few years experience in this to perfect the tone of her voice and ensure she sounded OK.

Jem began to write her own songs when she reached her early teens. This helped her to express her emotions and portray a message to her target audience.

Her first single Bed Bound Love was released at the end of August this year and is based on some of the major experiences she has had in her life so far.

She has found that many people experience music as a place where they can go when they feel lost and becomes more or less like a best friend.

This helps to make them feel better and provides a source of comfort and support.

Through out her life, Jem has learnt to play many musical instruments which have helped her when developing her music. These include playing the piano, guitar and violin.

She records her own songs at home which is more comfortable for her as she has easy access to all the information she needs.

At first, Jem believed that the majority of the people who listened to her songs were around her age, but soon found out that they come from a wide age range.

Some of her listeners have been found to be in their sixties and proves that her audience comes from a wide demographic.

The main reason she produces the music she does, is in case people live in or have a lot of experience of being in a toxic environment at home, they don't have to feel isolated as there are a lot of important messages within the songs which they will be able to relate to.

She believes that music gives everyone a feeling of good mental well being which is extremely important at this time as there have been a number of increasing cases of mental illness in society.

Anything we can do to reduce this will be extremely welcome as it will put less strain on the National Health Service and mean they can spend more time treating the people who need to be treated for important issues.

Through out her life so far, Jem has had many influences musically which have helped her to adapt her style and develop her own unique selling point. These include Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse and Adele.

“I would say that the road may be tough, you may find that others are getting further than you faster than you're progressing yourself.

But it's not about others, it's about you.

In this day and age it's incredibly hard not to compare yourself, but truthfully, in doing so, you're taking your focus off of how you could improve etc.

Just have fun, life is for living, try your best but don't burn yourself out if you get something wrong.

Mistakes are meant to be made so that we know how to do it right the next time."

That's according to Jem with regard to a message for anyone who would like to follow in her footsteps.


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