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Tu Much Shows Us How To Get “Big Stacks”

Tu Much

By Shahbaz AbbasiPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Born and raised in Los Angeles, TU MUCH started his music career at 16. He endured many obstacles on his way to the top and spent some time in Juvenile detention. That experience made him immediately aware that his life was heading in a direction he didn’t want to go in. Spending that time in jail caused him to turn to his first love: Music.

He was recently awarded for having one of the highest number of plays on DRT Global Radio ! As an artist signed to Nine12 MG/TMG Street Pride this was a very proud moment for him and his label .

TU Much is Los Angeles . If you come to Cali and hear the music , see the culture and feel the vibe : Tu Much is a prime example of it.

One of the first songs he recorded was “Simping On A Cup”. When he heard his voice back in the booth he knew music was the answer that it would solve all of his problems. TU MUCH uses inspiration from some of the greats before him like: Fabulous, Plies and Kendrick and over the years he has been honing his skills and showcasing his talents at house parties and other small gatherings.

After performing and doing various gigs he met his business associates Anthony and Bob Tirado who heard him rap and they immediately invested in his talents and goals. The three of them formed Nine 12 Music Group and quickly got him back into the studio, he cut the newly dope single “BIG STACKS” that is released and distributed by TMG Street Pride.

His latest single “Big Stacks” is nothing short of a Chart topper. “Big Stacks” is all about his confidence and demeanor and any listener will gain a new likeness for him after hearing the track. The record was produced by award-winning Dupri Bell and written by TU MUCH “Big Stacks” which is why its currently receiving intense radio play.

Tu Much has authentic sound and you can hear his record airing at major FM and Internet radio stations with the single debuting the DRT Global Top 150 Indy Airplay Chart @ #5, the DRT Global Top 50 R&B Hip Hop Airplay Chart @ #15 and the DRT Top 200 Airplay Chart @ #91.

Big Stacks is not only a radio hit but DJ’s all over the world find the track to be a club and dance floor non-stopper!

We had the pleasure of interviewing TU Much!

Hi TU MUCH & Welcome To Vocal Media!

How did the journey with music start?

“Getting locked up w/ just me and my thoughts & when I got out My boy had a studio at the time ready to go....I didn’t know what I was going do didn’t know how it was going sound but I was bout to talk my shit and be felt”

What was the trigger point made you decide to get into music?

“I just had to put my stamp in the game wit how I be rockin’ out honestly’s a lil different on this side”

What inspires you most?

“Shit I would say the possibilities that you just don’t know ...that darkness, that unknown, it excite ya boy to go into it and see what I would have never seen if I played it safe”

Which is your most favorite music instrument and why?

“Ima say the MPC or however these producers be making them slaps these days ...shit the computer the best instrument I done ever witnessed before ..limitless lol”

If you were not a musician what would you have been?

“I would be a full blown hustler ...whatever is selling I want in”

What is your suggestions for the newcomers?

“Treat this shit like you on death row and this yo last meal treat everyday like that and you going be aight”

What would be your dream collaboration?

“As of right now this answer going be not the regular ...but Ima say plies, wale, and Jeremiah on one song....crazy”

Have you ever gone through music writer’s block?

“I mean naw some shit you gotta work a lil harder ....if you gotta sit there for a extra hour or two to get it done do that..focus kills all doubt”

Who are your most favorite singers of all time?

“Come on now cap Ima go wit the late Nate Dogg...Jeremiah …Trey got them forever bangers ...and 1 mo ima say Jacquees for the king of it Chris Brown fa sho.. what ppl don’t know is Ima big RnB Them singing niggas be getting me through sometimes”

Thank you, it was a pleasure interviewing you and learning from one of the best west coast rappers!

You can find more about TU Much:


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