Trevor Something: The Modern Day 80's

The anonymous singer and his underground hits

Trevor Something: The Modern Day 80's

Have you ever wanted to listen to a singer that sounded like a combination of Depeche Mode and The Clash? To have that nostalgic sound from the 80's in modern day?

I first heard of this singer in a random custom playlist on YouTube. His cover of Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode had shown up in that playlist. After listening, I had a keen interest in what else he had in his discography. I was not disappointed and I ended up listening to his album Trevor Something Does Not Exist about 10 times...possibly more. You know it's a good album if repeat doesn't have a general number, it always feels like I'm listening to every song for the very first time.

With this mysterious musician, the types of music he creates has a different vibe in every song that still has his signature style of techno and auto-tune. The songs off of his first album have a interesting mix of different stories he tells: either looking for love in someone, lusting after someone, feeling robotic in loving someone, Jim Morrison drug trips with a lover in summer, the disappointment in a former love interest, understanding love, a sinister nature, anything. It's like the title goes, he's the modern day 80's. It feels like the same style of pop with a unique modern twist of a fresh take with nostalgia. It's refreshing to have a different take on usual tropes of love or lust. You just never know what ethereal feelings that this artist will put out next in his creative songs.

Even though I have a liking for all the songs on this album, "Searching" is one of my personal favorites, the lyrical context of finding someone that is their partner, they exist, they're just out somewhere in any world. I'm a fan of songs that use space terms. Not many songs I've heard use the idea of solar systems to create a visceral feeling of traveling through space to find this person. They're out there in the unknown of space. This song could have been great music video material with outer space imagery. It easily fits for a love anthem of any sci-fi show or movie like: Sailor Moon, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. It's a solace of a song to listen to when there is a yearn for someone that's out there made just for you.

Some songs are made for certain feeling for one topic, these can be listened to in a club, in a coffee house, in the sanctuary of your own home. Music is supposed to make us feel something, to transport us, or make us feel like a different person for just that song. Searching makes me feel like I'm in outer space, far from Earth. Infatuation makes me feel like I'm the object of someone's desire. Stay makes me feel like I'm a desirable female in a club. In My System feels like there's a seriously sketchy entity in me. Summer Love makes me feel like this reckless love is all I need. This is a rare artist to invoke those types of characters to become for that song.

After finding this enigma of an artist, I scoured for his other works to listen to, and found that not many listen to his works of music. It's a shame not many have heard the contagious beats this musician has made, as new musicians are discovered and popularized every day. I wish this guy could get the same treatment for what he's brought for the world of music.

If you want something alternative, unique, nostalgic, and something out of this world. I recommend starting with Trevor Something and his first album, to get the taste of his music before branching off into his other works of music. You won't be disappointed.

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Samantha Parrish
Samantha Parrish
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